If you missed this film during our festival, I highly recommend that you try and see it in a theater or film festival nearest you, or why not rent out the video if it’s available.

“The Boar King” (2014/Taiwan)
Directed by Kuo Chen-Ti

A heartwarming human drama that offers a shower of support to victims of natural disaster…

The film starts with a scene of a powerful typhoon threatening a deeply mountainous area. This is presented rather realistically which made me think the footage was a documentary. A ground avalanche falls upon the village, almost destroying it. Then you get a feel of the plot. There’s a couple who manage a hot springs facility. The husband has such a keen interest in shooting video that he goes out to take footage of the raging typhoon. Yet he never returns leaving the wife in despair. Eventually, the hot spring water stops running making it extremely difficult to keep the hot springs facility open. The wife is left with a dilemma of what to do with the land she owns. Can the community including the hot springs facility rise on their feet again overcoming the damage from the typhoon? Or, should she sell her land to a developer who is willing to buy the property? The residents, feeling lost and bewildered, try to piece their lives back together…This sounds almost normal, but it isn’t.

Scenes with a depressed atmosphere in the film are presented in black and white. Yet I find the footage of the husband’s color home video casually inserted into the film, a wonderful aspect of the motion picture. This plain and ordinary home video appears almost mournfully a sign of happiness.

The present where one can’t see a glimpse of hope and a lost happy past…How are these people going to rise back to their feet again ? A modest, quiet and reserved film, but a good film, nevertheless.

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