Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival 2017

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September 18th(Fri.) to 24th(Fri.) 2017



RESTORATION ASIA Vol.4: Workshops on “Film Preservation” and “Film Restoration”

Although cinema has over a 120 year history, most motion pictures are said to have deteriorated without being preserved. “Restoration Asia Vol.4: Workshops on Film Preservation and Film Restoration” will introduce the approaches taken in discovering, preserving and restoring Asian cinematic “treasures” which are deemed “lost”. As part of the Focus on Asia International Film Festival Fukuoka’s large special feature on Thai films, we shall first examine “Santi-Vina”, Thailand’s first feature film in its restored form (exhibited at the Classic Section of the Cannes Film Festival in 2016). Then a symposium will be held where we will hear the complete story on the film restoration project of this motion picture. Additionally, we will introduce the approaches taken by film archives in Southeast Asia and Japan.

  • Dates and Venue
    (1)Backyard Tour of the Film Archive
    Sept. 23 (Sat.) 10:00~ Venue: Fukuoka City Public Library
    (2)“Santi-Vina” Motion Picture Exhibition and Symposium
    Sept. 23 (Sat.) 16:00~ United Cinema Canal City 13
    (3)Restoration Asia Workshops
    Sept. 24 (Sun.) 13:00~ Fukuoka City Public Library Movie Hall Cinela
    (4)Restoration Asia Social Exchange Gathering
    Sept. 24 (Sun.) 18:30~ Fukuoka Tower Sky Lounge
    Advanced registration is required.
    For programs (2) and (3), tickets are available at the door.
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No English Subtitles.

The Fukuoka Independent Film Festival is a film festival where professionals, amateurs and students from Japan and overseas can interact with each other through the showing of one’s motion picture. Marking our 9th festival this year, we have special features on our former award winners, exhibitions of our selected motion pictures and talk events with guests to provide a deeper understanding of the world of cinema in drama, comedy, animation and documentaries among other film genre. These 4 days should provide you with an opportunity to see many motion pictures, meet many people, find enjoyment in cinema and feel a bit closer to film production. So we ask you to come to our film festival that gives encouragement to the “future of motion pictures and its filmmakers that you meet in Fukuoka.”

  • Date
    Sept. 7 (Thu.) through Sept. 10 (Sun.) from 10:00am to 21:00 (9:00PM)
    People will be admitted up through19:30 (7:30PM)
  • Venue
    Fukuoka Asian Art Museum Ajibi Hall
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No English Subtitles.

This marks the 8th time the “Taiwan Film Festival” is being held for the purpose of deepening an understanding of the cultural climate of Taiwan. This year, the Taiwan Film Festival will be held for 6 days from Sept. 14 (Thu.) through Sept. 19 (Tue.) where 3 motion pictures a day are scheduled for exhibition. It will show a total of 6 films-3 documentaries and 3 cinematic dramas. Please also come and listen to film director Sakai who has covered the people of Taiwan in her films from both sides: “Taiwan which changes” and “Taiwan which does not change”.

  • Dates
    14 (Thu.) through Sept. 19 (Tue.) from 10:30am
  • Venue
    Fukuoka Asian Arts Museum Ajibi Hall

Fukuoka Asia Film Festival 2017

No English Subtitles.

Having begun with a purpose of introducing Asian cultures through motion pictures, the Fukuoka Asia Film Festival (having changed its name in 2015), marks its 20th edition this year. Our program lineup this year features 9 motion pictures including 3 documentaries represented by 11 countries and regions. These include Films “Dukhtar”, a film depicting a woman who confronts her destiny, “He Named Me Malala” (original title “Ma’ a al-Fidda”) also from Pakistan, which narrates the story about the girl who received the Nobel Peace Prize, and much more. In order to have as many people visit us as possible, we are also putting on a special exhibition as we did last year. So please do come and see our motion pictures.

9th Annual Presentation of Fukuoka University Students Producing Japanese Subtitles to East Asian Films

No English Subtitles.

This marks the 9th presentation of Fukuoka University students producing Japanese subtitles to old East Asian films. This year as well, the students have put Japanese subtitles to a variety of film genre including comedy, animation and adventure.

  • Date
    Sept.23(sat) from 13:30pm to 15:45
  • Venue
    Fukuoka Tenjin Elgala Hall 7F Multi-Purpose Hall
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