Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival 2017

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September 18th(Fri.) to 24th(Fri.) 2017


Opening Ceremony

This year alongside Canal City Hakata at Seiryu Koen Park! Our splendid guests, including film directors and movie stars from across Asia, will appear on the red carpet from above a boat on water.
Look forward to our Opening event where neon lights will be reflected on the water as the guests arrive. Also, don’t forget our Opening Film will start as soon as the Opening Ceremony ends.
Both the Opening Film and Ceremony require request applications for invitation tickets.

  • Time
    September 15 (Thu) 19:00~
  • Place
    Special stage at Seiryu Koen Park (west side of Canal City Hakata along the Nakawaga River)


“What is Happening to Vietnamese Films?”

Vietnamese films have changed in 20 years. Private studios make “commercial films”, “art films” and other new types of films now. .And the “Vietnamese living abroad” returned to bring activity to their film industry. . We will discuss all these trends with our panel guests.

  • Time
  • Place
    Pon Plaza Hall
  • Panelists
    Film directors Phan Dang Di, Victor Vu, Nguyen Quang Dung; Ngo Thi Bich Hanh (V.P, BHD)

Short Symposiums

We will expand Q&A after each film and search for answers to our subject of “Vietnamese films of today” with film directors and film related individuals by holding short symposiums on each theme as follows:

9/18(14:40) Screen No.13“Commercial Films”
9/18(17:40) Screen No.5 “Theme: Art Films”
9/19(11:45) Screen No.5 “Films made by Vietnamese Living Abroad”

Symposium: “What’s Up with Southeast Asian Films?: The Changing Faces of Art and Landscape”

How do films take part in the diversified recreation of culture? Where economic growth and urbanization is striking in Southeast Asia, beautiful landscape and regional culture seem increasingly exposed to national culture thereby losing its sparkle of the past. Meanwhile, we also find ourselves in a situation where new art is created by changing form and expression. With our 3 film directors, we will discuss about challenges in films of Southeast Asia, which directly face rapid changes in its landscape and culture

  • Time
  • Place
    Pon Plaza Hall
  • Film Director Panelists
    Riri Riza (Indonesia), Royston Tan (Singapore), Carlo Encisco Catu (Philippines)

Asian Trailer Night 2016

Trailers to about 40 works from across Asia to be shown all at once. The audience will also vote for the most popular trailers. 9/16(20:00)

Neo Cinemap Fukuoka

A business meeting where producers, buyers and sellers of domestic and overseas films and visual content meet. Domestic and overseas visual works not limited to the films being shown at our festival will be entered and on the table for negotiation. Additional market projects have been added, thereby creating a ground for international co-production.

  • Time
    September 20 (Tue.)~21(Wed.)

*By invitation only. No public participation.

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  • ASIA center

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