Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival 2019

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September 13th(Fri.) to 19th(Thu.) 2019


Film Festival Guest List

This year as well, guests will arrive from Japan and abroad who will be present at the Red-Carpet Opening Ceremony and make stage introductions prior to and participate in Q&A sessions after films are shown.




    Tehran: City of Love (Iran) Film Director


  • Bota Abdirakhmanova

    Bota Abdirakhmanova

    Night God (Kazakhstan) Production Company Staff


  • Vasanth S. Sai

    Vasanth S. Sai

    Sivaranjani and Two Other Women (India) Film Director


  • Daniel HUI

    Daniel HUI

    Demons (Singapore) Film Director


  • George Timothy

    George Timothy

    Ten Seconds Before Sunrise (Indonesia) Co-Producer


  • Phuttiphong Aroonpheng

    Phuttiphong Aroonpheng

    Manta Ray (Thailand) Film Director


  • Brillante Ma. Mendoza

    Brillante Ma. Mendoza

    Alpha, The Right to Kill/ Lakbayan (Philippines) Film Director


  • Roger Vincent D. RILLON

    Roger Vincent D. RILLON

    Alpha, The Right to Kill/ Lakbayan (Philippines) Actor


  • Joe BACUS

    Joe BACUS

    Markado: The Moon Devourer (Philippines) Film Director


  • Swietenia Arbilon BACUS

    Swietenia Arbilon BACUS

    Markado: The Moon Devourer (Philippines) Executive Producer


  • ZHANG Lu

    ZHANG Lu

    Fukuoka/Ode to the Goose (China) Film Director


  • OH Sehyeon

    OH Sehyeon

    Fukuoka (Korea) Producer


  • Riri Riza

    Riri Riza

    Humba Dreams (Indonesia) Film Director


  • Toto Prasetyannto

    Toto Prasetyannto

    Humba Dreams (Indonesia) Line Producer


  • J.S. Khairen

    J.S. Khairen

    Humba Dreams (Indonesia) Actor


  • Dirmawan Hatta

    Dirmawan Hatta

    Other Man's Wife (Indonesia) Film Director


  • Boonsong NAKPHOO

    Boonsong NAKPHOO

    The Wall (Thailand) Film Director


  • Phan Dang Di

    Phan Dang Di

    Symposium Panelist (Vietnam) Film Director


  • NAKAE Yuji

    NAKAE Yuji

    Symposium Panelist (Japan) Film Director


Co-organized by
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  • 西日本シティ銀行
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