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September 20th(Sun.) to 24th(Thu.) 2020



A Simple Highlight Guide for the 2018 Season “New and Much Talked About Films from Asia”

We have some really remarkable films for you in our 2018 season. We’re a film festival that shows nothing but ASIAN films and this year we have entries from Iran, Kazakhstan, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, China, Hong Kong as well as a Japan-Myanmar film. Today we’ll introduce you to our “New and Much Talked About Films from Asia” section, which are all subtitled in English and Japanese. For more information on the films, please click here


Iran: “A Man of Destiny” (Film Genre: Social Drama) Directed by Mohammad Rousolof. Banned in Iran, the film is a Cannes Film Festival Award Winner addressing repression in Iran.

“A Man of Destiny”


Kazakhstan: “A Call to Father” (Film Genre: Drama) The latest from award winning film director Seric Aprmov, about a boy with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and his father.

“A Call to Father”


India: “Balekempa” (Film Genre: Drama) Directed by film director Ere Gowda, the film is about life in a remote Indian village with old customs.



Indonesia: “Night Bus” (Film Genre:Suspense/Action) A film that swept 6 awards including Best Film at the Indonesia Film Festival. Directed by Emil Heradi, the film is about a bus that heads into a conflict battle zone at a time when separatists are fighting government forces.

“Night Bus”


Thailand: “Die Tomorrow” (Film Genre: Art film) A film invited to the Berlin Film Festival directed by film director Nawapol Thanrongrattanarit addressing “death” as its theme.

“Die Tomorrow”


Thailand: “Malila: The Farewell Flower” (Film Genre: Art film) An award winning film in Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. Directed by film director Anucha Boonyawatana, the film is about love, death and the Bai Sri, the Thai flower ornament where spirits of the departed are said to dwell.

“Malila: The Farewell Flower”


Malaysia: “Crossroads” (Film Genre: Social Suspense) Directed by film director Nam Ron, the film is about immigration, illegal immigrants and cops taking bribes in the back streets of Malaysian society.



Malaysia: “Guang” (Film Genre: Drama)  This is the feature film version based on the award winning short film of the same title. Directed by film director Quek Shio Chuan, the film is about an autistic boy with sensitivity capable of distinguishing the sound of glass.



Vietnam: “The Tailor” (Film Genre: SF/Comedy) Directed by film directors Tran Buu Loc and Kay Nguyen, the film is about a maker of Aodai, Vietnam’s traditional dress, who finds herself travelling in time from 1969 to 2017.

“The Tailor”


Philippines: “Nervous Translation” (Film Genre: Drama) Our Opening Film and winner of the NETPAC Award at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. The film, directed by Shireen Seno, is about a 8 year-old girl who can’t blend in well with the outside world. She then hears about a magic pen that can convey human thoughts…

Nervous Translation (2018/ Philippines)
Directed by Shireen Seno


China: The Pluto Moment (Film Genre: Drama) Screened at the Cannes Film Festival Directors’ Fortnight, the film, directed by Zhang Ming, is about a film director who travels with his staff to the mountainous regions of Southwest China in search of a song to bring inspiration to his next film…

The Pluto Moment


Hong Kong: Concerto of the Bully (Film Genre: Romantic Comedy). Winner of the Hong Kong Film Awards 2018 and directed by Fung Chih-Chiang. A romantic comedy with both action and music, the film is about a young punk who is told to watch over a female song writer musician his “Big Brother” kidnaps for ransom money…

Concerto of the Bully


Taiwan: “The Big Buddha+” (Film Genre: Comedy). Winner of awards in Toronto, Hong Kong, Edinburgh and Taipei (5 awards from the Golden Horse Awards) and directed by Huang Hsin-Yao, the film is about an employee of a Buddha statue factory who sees video implicating his boss in a crime…

“The Big Buddha+”


Taiwan: “Xiao Mei” (Film Genre: Drama). Directed by Huang Hsin-Yao and screened at the Berlin Film Festival, the film addresses the disappearance of Xiao Mei through the recollection of 9 people who interacted with her…

“Xiao Mei”


Japan-Myanmar: “Passage of Life” (Film Genre: Drama) Winning awards at the Tokyo International Film Festival, the Japan Foundation Asia Center and the Bangkok ASEAN film festival, the film, directed by Akio Fujimoto, depicts the difficulties of a Myanmar refugee family living in Japan.

“Passage of Life”


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