Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival 2018

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September 14th(Fri.) to 23rd(Sun.) 2018



Announcing our exhibition line up of our main feature,            “Thai Films-A Diversity in Charm”

The Japan Foundation Asia Center presents

Our Main Feature:
“Thai Films-A Diversity in Charm”

Thank you for waiting! Here is our updated information on our exhibition program lineup.
We are pleased to bring you information on our Main Feature: “Thai Films-A Diversity in Charm”.

For information on the film titles, please click here.

『頭脳ゲーム』Bad Genius(タイ/2017年)

Bad Genius(Thailand/2017)

『いつか暗くなるときに』By the time It Get Dark(タイ/2016年)

By the time It Gets Dark(Thailand-France-Qatar-Netherlands/2016)

『明日への戴冠』The Crown(タイ/2016年)

The Crown(Thailand/2016)

『ガス・ステーション』A Gas Station(タイ/2016年)

A Gas Station(Thailand/2016)

『マリー・イズ・ハッピー』 Mary is Happy, Mary is Happy(タイ/2013年)

Mary is Happy, Mary is Happy(Thailand/2013)

『見えざる者』The Unseeable(タイ/2006年)

The Unseeable(Thailand/2006)

『噂の男』The Master(タイ/2014年) 

The Master(Thailand/2014)



Commemorating the 130th Anniversary of Japan Thailand Diplomatic Relations, we are pleased to bring you our main feature: “Thai Films-A Diversity in Charm”. In addition to the exhibition of new and much talked about films that are part of this feature, we will also hold a symposium inviting Thai film directors and others involved in Thai film production.

Through outstanding films in a multitude of programmed events, we’d like to close in on the life form deep inside Thai culture with its colorful diversity, as a means to come as close as possible to its core which creates its unique sensitivity, aesthetics and world views.

At the symposium, we will set themes which we believe are prominent in Thai films such as “avant-garde”, “horror”, unique aesthetics”, and “commercial motion pictures” to probe into the overall perspective and characteristics of Thai films.

So please look forward to our diverse line up of films and events!

We’ll be bringing you an update on our program lineup announcements next week as well so please keep in touch with us through our home page!

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