Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival 2020

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September 20th(Sun.) to 24th(Thu.) 2020




We just received video messages from the two film directors who have won this year’s “Fukuoka Audience Award.”

Winning Film: “A Witness Out of the Blue”
Directed by Fung Chih Chiang

This video message can be seen on YouTube.

“Hello. This is Fung Chih Chiang, director of “A Witness Out of the Blue.” I would like to thank the Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival as well as everyone who voted for my film. I am overjoyed and honored that this award is being presented to me for a second time, first for my film “Concerto of the Bully”, two years ago, and now for “A Witness Out of the Blue.” I am also overjoyed and honored that this award has been presented to me for two films that are in totally different film genre. This is also a character of Hong Kong films. We are diversified in all forms of film genre.
This film brings me beautiful memories. It has allowed me meet many who love Hong Kong films. My gratitude goes to my sponsor, One Cool Film Production Limited, for their spiritual as well as physical support. I’m also grateful to my wonderful producer, Derek Yee. Gratitude also goes to the members of my cast for their true-to-life performance in the film. My crew as well, who worked day and night to make this film possible. And to those in the Public Relations Department who promoted the film with passion. You see, my film was made possible through the hard work of all these people.
Due to Covid-19, I can’t go to Japan to receive this award in person. Covid-19 has brought hard times to Hong Kong films as well and so this award brings me great encouragement! It has taught me that all our hard work is being recognized throughout the world.
A woman told me she really liked one line in the film. “If you’re going to do something right, don’t be scared to be the first person to do so.” I thank this woman very much. That’s because when I accepted this award two years ago for “Concerto of the Bully”, I spoke about music having no boundaries. What I want to say today is that Hong Kong films have no boundaries, either. So, I’m going to keep on making films, which I believe in.
Lastly, I want to thank all of you who gave your support to “A Witness Out of the Blue” and Hong Kong films as well. Thank you!”


Winning Film; “Saturday Afternoon”
Directed by: Motofa Sawar Farroki

This video message can be seen on YouTube.

“Hi everyone. I really feel honored to receive the Kumamoto City Award for my film, “Saturday Afternoon.” I want to thank the Fukuoka Film Festival for selecting my film. I also want to thank the Fukuoka audience who voted for my film. I also want to thank my cast and crew for working hard to make this film a reality. Too bad I can’t be there in Fukuoka physically with you all but we all know we are living in a strange world right now. Hopefully some other time in some other edition, I’ll be there with you to enjoy some of my future films. And lastly, I only hope that the people of Bangladesh can see this film sooner than later because it’s real hard for a filmmaker, when his film he worked so hard to make, can’t be seen for more than a year. Thank you, Fukuoka. I love you.”

Counting today, the film festival runs for 2 more days, so please come to see our films!

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