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September 14th(Fri.) to 23rd(Sun.) 2018




GUIDE TO WHAT’S PLAYING AT OUR FILM FESTIVAL IN FUKUOKA 170911 コラージュ写真 What are you doing Sept.15-24 this year? If you’re in Fukuoka, come to our film festival where you can catch quality films from Asia that you probably won’t get the chance to see anywhere else. Drama, suspense, comedy, horror…We have it all. For details, click on the links below. These might be interesting for you: Opening Ceremony Dignitaries, star-studded guests walk on the Red Carpet to open the film festival. Schedule Leaflet Download your schedule leaflet in English Now to our films… NEW AND MUCH TALKED ABOUT FILMS FROM ASIA Violinist (Iran) The newest film from Iranian master film director Mohammad Ali Talebi. Fan (India) Multiple award-winning suspense thriller starring Sha Rukh Khan playing a double role. Honeygiver Among the Dogs (Bhutan) An award-winning suspense-thriller from Bhutan merging mythology with reality. Ben and Jody (Indonesia) Sequel to the highly popular Indonesian film “Filosofi Kopi”. Bad Genius (Thailand) An award-winning Thai film. Can you really make a business out of cheating at exams? Brutal (Malaysia) A talented Malaysian Indian Tamil boy keeps being ignored and his anger escalates… Diamond Island (Cambodia/ France/ Germany/ Qatar) Cannes award winning film about adolescence moving from the country to the big city. Wonder Boy (Singapore) The story of young Dick Lee as he starts his career as a singer and song writer. Hello Vietnam (Vietnam) The Vietnamese who came to the US vs the Vietnamese who are raised in the US…. Foolish Bird (China) In rural China, an adolescent girl goes through painful experiences in life… Godspeed (Taiwan) A drug trafficker and an old taxi driver get involved with the drug underworld… The Village of No Return (Taiwan/China) A mysterious monk tries to “erase” the memories of the villagers with a strange gadget. A Quiet Dream (Korea) 3 social drop-outs are regulars at a bar managed by a woman they adore… HANAGATAMI (Japan) The latest from award winning film director OBAYASHI Nobuhiko, on what war can do. Asian Three-Fold Mirror 2016: Reflections (Japan) An omnibus film directed by three top film directors from Asia. MAIN FEATURE: THAI FILMS-A DIVERSITY IN CHARM By the Time It Gets Dark (Thailand)  Award winning film looking back at the military crackdown of the student movement. The Crown (Thailand) Tragic story of family succession to a house of traditional Thai performing dancers. A Gas Station (Thailand) An award winning film about a gas station, its regular visitors and the owner. Mary is Happy, Mary Is Happy (Thailand) An award-winner about a high school girl and what happens to and around her. The Master (Thailand) An award-winning documentary on a bootleg video shop in Bangkok, Thailand The Unseeable (Thailand) An award winning horror film about a woman who visits an old haunted house. Santi-Vina (Thailand) A restored 1954 award-winning film about a blind boy and a girl who protects him. JAPANESE SPECIAL FEATURE Directed by OBAYASHI Nobuhiko   *No English subtitles HOUSE High school girls decide to spend their summer vacation at a haunted house. The Discarnates A man divorced from his wife, meets his parents who died in a car accident 12 years ago. The Rocking Horsemen High school boys spend their last year of high school thinking with Rock and Roll music! DOCUMENTARY SPECIAL FEATURE: AN ASIAN REMIX My Father’s Choice (Netherlands/China) The film director wants to know why her father moved out of China. Burma Storybook (Netherlands/Myranmar/Norway) Documentary about Myanmar (present day Burma) on poetry affecting its people. Children Are Not Afraid of Death, Children Are Afraid of Ghosts (China) A documentary on the serious problem of Chinese children unattended by adults. SPECIAL EXHIBITION OF FILMS SUPPORTED BY THE FUKUOKA FILM COMMISSION Miko Girl (Japan) Closing film Looking for a real job, a part-time Shrine maiden meets a boy and goes on an adventure. Dealer/Healer (Hong Kong) A true story about a drug dealer and addict going straight to rehabilitate drug addicts. Ms. Bao’s Bag (China/Japan) A strange bag allows a Chinese male and female student to get to know each other… SURPRISE (China) A youngster who can use magic meets a traveling group that changes his destiny… SPECIAL EXHIBITION Ça Va (Japan) A Frenchman is seen at the disaster area hit by the Kumamoto Earthquake last year… Nakyung and Kinukawa (short film by the Fukuoka Film Forum) Nakyung, who photographs ama diving fishing meets Kinukawa, an ex-ama diver… FUKUOKA PANORAMA Showing the works of creators in or having ties to Fukuoka. EVENTS O Opening Ceremony Dignitaries, star-studded guests walk on the Red Carpet to open the film festival. Symposiums Short symposiums on Thai films as well as the talk forum “Yoon Jong bin and PARK Jung-bum on the World of ZHANG Lu”. RELATED EVENTS Restoration Asia Workshops on Film Preservation and Film Restoration Fukuoka Independent Film Festival 2017 A film festival for professionals, amateurs and students. *this event has ended. Taiwan Film Festival A separate film festival of films from Taiwan. Fukuoka Asia Film Festival A separate film festival introducing Asian cultures through motion pictures. 9th Annual Presentation of Fukuoka University Students Producing Japanese Subtitles to East Asian Films

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