Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival 2020

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September 20th(Sun.) to 24th(Thu.) 2020



Our Film Festival kicks off today!


Our Film Festival is proud to announce that it will launch its 30th season today on September 20 (Sunday). For 5 days, we will show 22 selected films from 20 countries and regions at our United Cinemas Canal City 13 venue located in the City of Fukuoka.

This year, there will be no invited guests to the Film Festival. However, we will present messages from film directors (with a few exceptions) prior to the showing of their films.

This year as well, votes from the audience for the Fukuoka Audience Award will be tabulated after the first showing of our official selection of invited films scheduled during the first two days of our Film Festival. This year, 12 films will compete for our Fukuoka Audience Award to be decided by votes cast on September 20 (Sun) and 21 (Mon., a Japanese holiday). The film with the greatest number of votes will receive the “Fukuoka Audience Award” (the Grand Prize). The film that comes in second with the number of votes will receive the “Kumamoto City Award”, the runner up prize.

The films competing for the Fukuoka Audience Award this year are as follows:

“A Tale of Three Sisters” (2019/ Turkey-Germany-Netherlands-Greece)

“Mariam” (2019/Kazakhstan)
“Jallikattu” (2019/ India)
“Saturday Afternoon” (2019/ Bangladesh)
“Last Night I Saw You Smiling” (2019/Cambodia-France)
“The Tree House” (2019/ Vietnam-Singapore-Germany-France-China)
“From Tomorrow On, I Will” (2019/ China-Germany-Serbia)
“A Witness Out of the Blue” (2019/ Hong Kong)
“Krabi, 2562” (2019/ U.K.-Thailand)
“By the Time It Gets Dark” (2016/ Thailand-Netherlands-France-Qatar)
“Mundane History” (2009/Thailand)
“Anocha Suwichakornpong Shorts” (2006-2020/ Thailand)

Votes for the “Fukuoka Audience Award” will be tabulated after the first showing of films listed above. For our screening schedule (films qualifying to compete for the award carry a ★sign), please access:

We’ve also uploaded messages from our film directors addressing the theme of “Asian Films in a Pot of Covid-19”, available on YouTube. These messages will be available for viewing during our Film Festival.

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