Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival 2019

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September 13th(Fri.) to 19th(Thu.) 2019

Ticket Information

Ticket Information

Advance Ticket
At the Door
1 ticket
1,100yen 1,300yen
5 tickets
4,400yen 5,500yen
Free Pass
11,000yen 13,000yen
1ticket discounts
for Jr. High/
High School/
Exchange students and the disabled
- 500yen

* Free admission for Elementary School students
* Discount tickets sold only at the venue. You will need to show proper ID cards for discounts such as student cards or disability certificates.
* If you wish to receive a discount as a handicapped person, please provide identification such as a Physical Disability Certificate, Rehabilitation Certificate or a Mental Disability Certificate. Admission for the person accompanying you will also be \500.

  • No reserved seating.
  • Doors open about 10 minutes before show time.
  • No refunds on tickets unless the entire festival schedule is cancelled.
  • We reserve the right to refuse admission if too many have already been admitted.
  • You may not use these tickets for admission to any film exhibition or event which require filling out any preliminary forms.
  • You may need to exchange your tickets at the door.

Shops selling advance tickets of our film festival

■Government Publication Service Station

(Fukuoka City Hall Bldg. B1 Weekdays : 9:00~17:30)

■United Cinemas Canal City 13

■Play Guide Ticket Agency(Fukuoka City and suburbs)

Ticket Port(Fukuoka Parco 5F.) / Ticket Pia stores such as at Hakata Deitos / Fukuoka City Tourist Information Center(inside the Lion Plaza) / Music Plaza Indo(Shintencho Shopping District-South)

■Convenience Stores

  • [7 Eleven, Sunkus]

    Ticket Pia:P Code467-829

    * Advance tickets on sale until Sept. 13(Fri.) 23:59.
    Thereafter “At the Door” tickets on sale through Sept.19(Thu.)

  • [Lawson, Ministop, Lawson Play Guide stores]

    Lawson Ticket:L Code 83254

    * Advance tickets on sale until Sept.13(Fri.)23:59.
    Thereafter “At the Door” tickets on sale through Sept.19(Thu.)

  • [Family Mart]

    Eplus : Search under genre of “motion pictures” etc…

    * Advance tickets sold until Sept.13(Fri.)18:00(only advance tickets on sale)

“5 pack tickets” and “free pass tickets” good for all shows purchased at convenience stores and ticket agencies are exchange tickets. Please make sure to exchange them for real valid tickets at the venue ticket office.

Co-organized by
  • ASIA center
  • 芸術文化振興基金
Special Support
  • 西日本シティ銀行
  • 公益財団法人 西日本国際財団
  • 福岡地所株式会社
  • 株式会社福岡リアルティ
  • G-angle
  • LEVEL5
  • 九州電力
  • 福岡銀行
  • 西鉄
  • 西部ガス
  • JR九州
  • タマホーム
  • 正晃株式会社
  • 明治安田生命
  • NTT西日本
  • 東京海上日動
  • 福太郎
  • beyond2020

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