Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival 2017

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September 18th(Fri.) to 24th(Fri.) 2017

Ticket Information

Ticket Information

1 ticket
5 tickets
Free Pass
Advance Ticket
\ 1,100 \ 4,400 \ 11,000円
At the Door
\ 1,300 \ 5,500 \ 13,000円
1ticket discounts
\ 500    

(for Jr. High/High School/College/University/Exchange students and the disabled )

※Free admission for Elementary School students
※Discount tickets sold only at the venue. You will need to show proper ID cards for discounts such as student cards or disability certificates.

  • No reserved seating.
  • Doors open about 10 minutes before show time.
  • No refunds on tickets unless the entire festival schedule is cancelled.
  • We reserve the right to refuse admission if too many have already been admitted
  • You may not use these tickets for admission to any film exhibition or event which require filling out any preliminary forms.
  • You may need to exchange your tickets at the door,
Co-organized by
  • ASIA center

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