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1992 (2nd)

1992Click on image to open festival catalogue pdf file.
HELD : 11th – 21st September, 1992
VENUES : Solaria Cinema 1, Takarazuka
Cinema 2, Skala Espacio
EXHIBITION OF : 27 films from 18 nations and
OPENING FILM: The Initiation(1991/India)

 One of the objectives of the Fukuoka International Film Festival
lies in uncovering unrecognized Asian films. The 9 films featured
in the festival’s “Collection of Vietnamese Films” section in
1992 served to achieve this objective at the international level.
In Japan, all 9 films were exhibited in Tokyo as a part of the
Southeast Asian Film Festival ’92, organized by the Japan Foundation.
Films such as The Girl on the River and The Black Cactuses were
televised on NHK-BS2 (NHK’s broadcast satellite channel). Outside
Japan, these films were invited to international film festivals
such as those held in Hawaii and Hong Kong. The films were screened
in NY and Chicago as well. On each occasion, the prints were
sent from Fukuoka on loan. Because Vietnam at the time lacked
the know-how of putting subtitles on to film, the prints held
by the City of Fukuoka became the only material subtitled in
a foreign language.

 Our festival also exhibited two rare documentary films. The
Heroic Pages from the History of the Haruha River Region dealt
with a phase of military disturbance which broke out in 1939,
referred to by the Japanese as the “Nomonhan Incident”, presented
from the point of view of Mongolia. The film drew the largest
crowd at the festival, with the audience being predominantly
elderly. One of the reasons for this lay in the fact that military
units stationed around the City of Fukuoka at the time were
eventually sent to the battlefield depicted in the motion picture,
thus attracting many of the elderly to the film. The other documentary
was a video production from Bangladesh entitled Face in the
Millions, which depicted political and social dilemma in a region
where democracy is yet to be realized.
Depicting Cambodia under the Pol Pot regime, White Page directed
by a Vietnamese, presented an excellent picture of the complex
political situation in Indochina. Wolf Cub Among People from
Kazakhstan made us aware that Central Asia, which is often less
familiar to the Japanese, was unmistakably a part of Asia. These
films conveyed an air of diversity of Asia.

 Film director Sun Zhou, who played an active part as an actor
in The First Emperor directed by Chen Kaije, brought his latest
film, The True Hearted, which was made by the Pearl River Film
Company of Guangzhou, China. Sun Zhou’s visit was made possible
through the cooperation of the City of Guangzhou and the City
of Fukuoka, two cities bound by an accord of friendship.
From 1992, the festival was extended to 10 days. Free distribution
of the informative festival “Handbook” also started from this


and part of the Fukuoka City Public Library Film Archive Collection
The Little Girl of Hanoi Dir. Hai Ninh 1974/Vietnam/B & W/77min.
The Quiet Town Dir. Le Duc Tien 1986/Vietnam/B & W/77min.
Bom, The Fool Dir. Le Duc Tien 1987/Vietnam/Color/85min.
The Girl on the River Dir. Dang Nhat 1987/Vietnam/Color/98min.
Light in Dream Dir. Do Minh Tuan 1987/Vietnam/B & W/75min.
The Retired General Dir. Nguyen Khac Loi 1988/Vietnam/B & W/92min.
Luck Trier Dir. Tu Huy 1989/Vietnam/B & W/84min.
The Black Cactuses Dir. Le Dan 1991/Vietnam/Color/90min.
The Strolling Singers Dir. Chau Hue 1991/Vietnam/Color/89min.
The Initiation Dir. Arun Kaul 1991/India/Color/140min.
Wolf Cub among People Dir. Talgat Temenov 1989/Kazakhstan/Color/85min.
Face in the Millions Dir. Zakir Hossain Raju 1990/Bangladesh/Color/24min.
White Page Dir. Ho Quang Minh 1991/Cambodia/Switzerland/Color/100min.
The Heroic Pages from the History
of the Haruha River Region
Dir. Tudeviin Chimid 1991/Mongolia/BW & Color/71min.
The True Hearted Dir. Sun Zhou 1992/China/Color/98min.
My American Grandson Dir. Ann Hui 1991/Hong Kong/Taiwan/Color/100min.
Swordsman Dir. King Hu
Dir. Tsui Hark
Dir. Ching Siu-Tung
1990/Hong Kong/Color/125min.
Myungja – Akiko – Sonya Dir. Lee Jang-Ho 1992/Korea/Color/140min.
Haruka, Nostalgie Dir. Nobuhiko Obayashi 1991/Japan/Color/165min.
Kohei’s Race Dir. Suguru Kubota 1992/Japan/Color/113min.
Path of the Brave Dir. Yuthana Mukdasanit 1991/Thailand/Color/133min.
The Two World Dir. Cherd Songsri 1990/Thailand/Color/136min.
Sergeant Hassan Dir. Lamberto Avellana 1958/Malaysia/B & W/121min.
Uncle Pasikom Dir. Chaerul Umam 1991/Indonesia/Color/84min.
Manila:In the Claws of Light Dir. Lino Brocka 1975/Philippines/Color/125min.
Beyond the Seven Seas Dir. Saeed Anjum
Dir. Espen Thorstenson
A Piggy Tail Dir. Ko I-Chong 1991/Taiwan/Color/101min.

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