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1997 (7th)

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HELD : 12th – 21st September, 1997
VENUES : Solaria Cinema 1, Elgala Hall, Tsukushi Kaikan,Fukuoka Piccadilly
EXHIBITION OF : 27 films from 12 nations and
ATTENDANCE: Focus on Asia ’97 – FIFF 11,866
Sponsored Event 2,251
TOTAL 14,117
OPENING FILM: Children of the Heaven(1997/Iran)

 Despite being held every year during the typhoon season, our
festival was fortunate in not having received a direct hit from
one of these storms. In 1997, however, a typhoon did approach
the island of Kyushu during the festival and public transportation
was halted as a result. Shops closed temporally and the festival
office was forced to give up a part of its planned screenings,
which led to a drop in attendance from the previous year, to
14,117. Attendance may have dropped, but to the festival came
the largest number of participants – a total of 64 individuals,
who exchanged lively discussions with the audience. This was
due to many guests from the Philippines, the country featured
in our 1995 festival, who came their own expense. Another international
film festival was launched in 1997 – in Pusan, Korea, only a
40 minute flight from Fukuoka. As the festival was held at the
same time as our festival, many guests moved to Pusan after

 Including masterpieces by the great filmmaker, Lee Hsing, our
Taiwan Films Collection presented 7 films seeing their premier
in Japan. Some of these films were made prior to TaiwanUfs New
Wave Cinema coming to the forefront. At the Symposium, Lee Hsing,
as well as other individuals representing Taiwan’s film industry
such as Wan Jen and Wang Tong, gave summaries on the history
of Taiwanese films. The Symposium, as a result, turned out to
be a very fruitful event. One of the festival participants was
film director Chang Tso-Chi, winner of many awards including
the Grand Prix Prize at the Tokyo International Film Festival
in 1999. Set in Japan, the Hong Kong film, Hiroshima 28, saw
its premier in Japan more than 20 years after it was made. The
novel, melodramatic film, focusing on victims of the atomic
bomb, drew the wide attention of the audience.

 The Korean film, A Hot Roof, was an excellent comedy created
by a newcomer to the film industry. Starting with this film,
our festival began exhibiting more of Korea’s new generation
Children of the Heaven(Iran) and The Long Journey(Vietnam),
being favorably received in Fukuoka, caught the eye of film
distributors, which eventually led to their release in Japan.

 Starting in 1997, the Fukuoka City Public Library began exhibiting
masterpieces in Japanese cinema during our festival, with English
subtitles made especially for our festival guests.

 Having had four of his films exhibited at our festival, Im Kwon-Taek,
a prominent Korean film director, received the 1997 Arts and
Culture Prize of the 8th Fukuoka Asian Culture Prize.


and part of the Fukuoka City Public Library Film Archive Collection
Oyster Girl Dir. Lee Chia 1963/Taiwan/Color/119min.
Dir. Lee Hsing
My Native Land Dir. Lee Hsing 1980/Taiwan/Color/107min.
Warmth of the Old House Dir. Chang Pei-Cheng 1984/Taiwan/Color/111min.
Kuei-Mei, A Woman Dir. Chang Yi 1985/Taiwan/Color/117min.
Super Citizen Ko Dir. Wan Jen 1995/Taiwan/Color/122min.
Red Persimmon Dir. Wang Tong 1996/Taiwan/Color/166min.
Ah Chung Dir. Chang Tso-Chi 1996/Taiwan/Color/98min.
Children of the Heaven Dir. Majid Majidi 1997/Iran/Color/90min.
Maybe Some Other Time Dir. Bahram Beizai 1988/Iran/Color/159min.
The Flight Dir. Santwana Bardoloi 1996/India/Color/94min.
Walls Within Dir. Prasanna Vithanage 1997/Sri Lanka/Color/85min.
Dukhai Dir. Morshedul Islam 1997/Bangladesh/Color/128min.
Fun, Bar, Karaoke Dir. Pen-Ek Ratanaruang 1996/Thailand/Color/102min.
The Long Journey Dir. Le Hoang 1996/Vietnam/Color/95min.
Milagros Dir. Marilou Diaz-Abaya 1997/Philippines/Color/130min.
Why is There a Yesterday? Dir. Joel Lamangan 1996/Philippines/Color/107min.
In the Heat of the Sun Dir. Jiang Wen 1994/China/Color/128min.
Hiroshima 28 Dir. Lung Kong 1974/Hong Kong/Color/110min.
A Hot Roof Dir. Lee Min-Yong 1995/Korea/Color/110min.
To Love Dir. Kei Kumai 1997/Japan/Color/114min.

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