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2000 (10th)

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HELD : 8th -17th September, 2000
VENUES : Solaria Cinema 1, Elgala Hall,
Tsukushi Kaikan,AJIBI Hall
EXHIBITION OF : 50 films from 15nations and
ATTENDANCE: Focus on Asia 2000 – FIFF 16,690
Sponsored Events 2,101
TOTAL 18,791
OPENING FILM: Chunghyang(2000/Korea)

 Launched in 1991, the Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film
Festival celebrates its first decade in the year 2000, the year
which opens the new millennium. Out of 196 titles which were
officially invited to Fukuoka during the last nine festivals,
132 are now part of the Fukuoka City Public Library Film Archive
Collection. The Library preserves these films by retaining their
archival rights. For the tenth year of our festival, 9 of these
films preserved at the Film Archive have been selected for a
special exhibit program entitled, "Focus on Asia Retrospective
1991-1999". Together with those programmed under sponsored
and related events, we will see in the year 2000, the exhibition
of 50 films, the largest number to be screened in the history
of our festival.

 Our main program to this year’s festival included films by Shaji
N. Karun, Marilou Diaz-Abaya, and Im Kwon-Taek, film directors
who can not be ignored when looking back at our 10-year history.
The Focus on Asia 2000 Fukuoka International Film Festival opened
with Im Kwon-Taek’s Chunhyang , yet another masterpiece
based on a Korean clasic. Korea’s traditional song from "Pansori"
perfectly blends in with the visual imagery of the film.

 Five extraordinary films from India produced in 1999 were introduced
in the "Indian Films Collection 2000" section of our
festival. Tsering Rhitar Sherpa, the Nepalse film director,
returned to Fukuoka with his first feature film, Mask of
. It was the showing of his documentary in Fukuoka
that afforded him the oppotunity to make this film. Our festival
also welcomed the first entry ever from Bhutan.
People were attracted to our official festival poster designed
by an Asian artist, a new project for our 10th anniversary.
A commemorative book featuring Asian cinema with reference to
our 10-year history was published by Japan’s leading film magazine
company, Kinema Junpo.
Another commemorative event called the Joint Asian Film Festival
was held at the Japan Foundation Forum in Tokyo in December,
2000, where 11 films selected from our festivals of the past
ten years were exhibited for the first time outside Fukuoka
in Japan.


and part of the Fukuoka City Public Library Film Archive Collection


The Girl in the Sneakers Dir. Rasoul Sadr-Ameli 1999/Iran/color/98min.
Whispers Dir. Parviz Shahbazi 2000/Iran/color/80min.
Saroja Dir. Somaratne Dissanayake 1999/Sri Lanka/color/115min.
Boys will be Boys, Boys
will be Men
Dir. Euthana Mukdasanit 1999/Thailand/color/120min.
Sandy Lives Dir. Nguyen Thanh Van 1999/Vietnam/color/90min.
Reef Hunters Dir. Marilou Diaz-Abaya 1999/Phillippines/color/117min.
The Cup Dir. Khyentse Norbu 1999/Bhutan-Australia/color/93min.
Mask of Desire Dir.Tsering Rhitar Sherpa 1999/Nepal-Japan/color/105min.
Alaqnii Hee Dir. J. Bider 2000/Mongolia/B&W/78min.
Thatched Memories Dir. Xu Geng 1999/China/color/100min.
Little Cheung Dir. Fruit Chan 1999/Hong Kong-Japan/color/103min.
March of Happiness Dir. Lin Cheng-Sheng 1998/Taiwan/color/93min.
Lament of the Sand River Dir. Chang Chi-yung 2000/Taiwan/color/108min.
Chunghyang Dir. Im Kwon-Taek 2000/Korea/color/120min.
Peppermint Candy Dir. Lee Chang-Dong 1999/Korea-Japan/color/129min.
Byplayer Dir. Kaneto Shindo 1999/Japan/color/126min.
Hope beyond the Crimson
Dir. Setsuo Nakayama 2000/Japan/color/100min.
Straight from the Heart Dir. Sanjay Leela Bhansali 1999/India/color/187min.
The Raw Mango Dir. Amol Palekar 1999/India/color/96min.
The Last Dance Dir. shaji N. karun 1999/India/color/119min.
Pathos Dir. Jayaraaj 1999/India/color/77min.
And the River Flows Dir. Jahnu Barua 1999/India/color/90min.
Bread and Poetry Dir. Kiumars Poorahmad 1994/Iran/color/90min.
My Own Dir. Shaji N. Karun 1994/India/color&BW/141min.
The Line of Destiny Dir. Lester James Peries 1956/Sri Lanka/B&W/90min.
How I Long for October Dir. Dang Nhat Minh 1984/Vietnam/B&W/86min.
Madonnna and Child Dir. Marilou Diaz-Abaya 1996/Phillippines/color/121min.
Ferocious Saint Lord of Gobi Dir I. Nyamgavaa 1998/Mongolia/color/106min.
The True Hearted Dir. Sun Zhou 1999/China/color/79min.
Banana Paradise Dir. Wang Tong 1989/Taiwan/color/145min.
Gilsodom Dir. Im Kwon-Taek 1985/Korea/101min.

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