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2001 (11th)

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HELD : 14th -24th September, 2001
VENUES : Solaria Cinema 1, Elgala Hall,
Tsukushi Kaikan,AJIBI Hall, Nakasu Taiyo 1
EXHIBITION OF : 50 films from 15 nations and
ATTENDANCE: Focus on Asia 2001 – FIFF 17,896
Sponsored Events 2,599
TOTAL 20,495
OPENING FILM: Baran(2001/Iran)

 The first festival of the new century has had the exhibition
of 50 films, equal to the previous year and the largest number
in the festival’s history, from 15 countries and regions, and
the attendance has reached a record high, with more than 20,000,
coming to the 11th festival. Looking back the 2001 festival,
the whole 11 days of the event was in full of activity, but
just before the opening day, terrorism attacked New York and
some considerable influence fell upon even the festival. Several
guests gave up flying to Fukuoka because the flight system around
the U. S. was paralysed. Majid Majidi, the director of "Baran,"
was staying in Canada when the disaster happened. He could not
make it for the opening, and his message was read at the ceremony
instead. (He arrived in Fukuoka at last four days later.) "Baran"
deals with refugees from Afghanistan, so it offered an opportunity
to the audience to think about what was really happening in
the world or the peace itself, and people saw it with tears.
Along with "Iranian Film Collection" introducing four
new productions from Iran including "Baran," the diversity
of the seven films making up of "Chinese Language Film
Collection" drew the attention of the audience. Malaysian
Director Aziz M. Osman who presented his new two films and the
Thai film "Behind the Painting" that carried out its
location shooting in Japan, were also much talked about.
Meanwhile, received favourably in Fukuoka, the two entries from
Mongolia, "A Vanishing Trade" and "The Shadow,"
were exhibited at the Film Network Festival 2001 in Tokyo in
November to be introduced to Asian cinema fans in Tokyo area.

 Last not but least, Director Marilou Diaz-Abaya, the 12th Fukuoka
Asian Arts and Culture Prize laureate in 2001, has closely associated
with the festival. Diaz-Abaya who is one of the most prominent
directors of the Philippines is proud of having presented six
films at Fukuoka, the largest number as a director, and she
is one of those who stand out in the world stage as a result
of exhibitions of their works at Fukuoka. The magnificent "Jose
Rizal" (1998) was commercially released in the Iwanami
Hall in Tokyo at the end of 2001.


and part of the Fukuoka City Public Library Film Archive Collection
Clouds of May Dir. Nuri Bilge Ceylan 2000/Turkey/color/120min.
Aksuat Dir. Serik Aprymov 1998/Kazakhstan/color/94min.
House of Memories Dir. Aparna Sen 1999/India, Bengali/color/132min.
Senario Again Dir. Aziz M. Osman 1999/Malaysia/color/118min.
Lieutenant Adnan Dir. Aziz M. Osman 2000/Malaysia/color/127min.
Behind the Painting Dir. Cherd Songsri 2001/Thailand/color/110min.
The Golden Key Dir. Le Hoang 2000/Vietnam/color/90min.
Child Dir.Rory B. Quintos 2000/Philippines/color/120min.
The Shadow Dir. B. Badaruugan 2000/Mongolia/color/80min.
A Vanishing Trade Dir. D. Tsenddorj
Dir. T. Sarantuya
Bichunmoo Dir. Kim Young-jun 2000/Korea/color/117min.
Barking Dogs Never Bite Dir. Bong Joon-ho 2000/Korea/color/106min.
Hole in the Sky Dir. Kazuyoshi Kumakiri 2001/Japan/color/117min.
Hush! Dir. Ryosuke Hashiguchi 2001/Japan//color/135min.
A Time for Drunken Horses Dir. Bahman Ghobadi 2000/Iran/color/80min.
Baran Dir. Majid Majidi 2001/Iran/color/100min.
Oil Children Dir. Ebrahim Forouzesh 2001/Iran/color/90min.
Under the Skin of the City Dir. Rakhshan Bani-Etemad 2000/Iran/color/92min.
Devils on the Doorstep Dir. Jiang Wen 1999/China/color&BW/140min.
Beijing Bicycle Dir. Wang Xiaoshuai 2001/China/color/113min.
Ordinary Heroes Dir. Ann Hui 1999/Hong Kong/color/128min.
Ha Ha Shanghai Dir. Christine Choy 2001/Hong Kong/USA/color/78min.
Fleeing by Night Dir. Hsu Li-kong
Dir. Yin Chi
The Cabbie Dir. Chang Hwa-kun
Dir. Chen Yi-wen
Betelnut Beauty Dir. Lin Cheng-sheng 2001/Taiwan/color/106min.
Of the Flesh Dir. Marilou Diaz-Abaya 1984/Philippines/color/110min.
Redeem her Honor Dir. Marilou Diaz-Abaya 1995/Philippines/color/130min.
Madonna and Child Dir. Marilou Diaz-Abaya 1996/Philippines/color/121min.
Milagros Dir. Marilou Diaz-Abaya 1997/Philippines/color/130min.
In the Navel of the Sea Dir. Marilou Diaz-Abaya 1998/Phillippines/color/114min.
Jose Rizal Dir .Marilou Diaz-Abaya 1998/Philippines/color/178min.
Reef Hunters Dir. Marilou Diaz-Abaya 1999/Philippines/color/117min.

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