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2002 (12th)

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HELD : 13th -23rd September, 2002
VENUES : Solaria Cinema 1, Elgala Hall, Nishitetsu Hall, Tsukushi Kaikan,NTT Yume Tenjin Hall, Ajibi Hall
EXHIBITION OF: 60 films from 15 nations and
ATTENDANCE: Focus on Asia 2001 – FIFF 17,690
Sponsored Events 4,911
TOTAL 22,601
OPENING FILM: Chihwaseon(2002/Korea)

 With richer programmes of sponsored and jointly presented events,
and even bigger number of screening films (60 films in total
from 15 countries and regions) than last year, audience attendance
has reached the record high, more than 22,000. We must make
special mention, first of all, that Director Setsuo Nakayama
has come back to Fukuoka with his latest film, Tomorrow -Farda- which has become the very first co-production between Iran and
Japan. It all started when Director Nakayama met film people
from Iran at the 1998 festival. "Coming home" of the
Fukuoka-born picture gave people a lot to talk about.

 Tomorrow -Farda- was shown in The World of Islam through
the Medium of Film section with other six titles including New
Moon, a story of religious war in the Mindanao Island. Along
with the symposium held in the same title, this section drew
the wide attention. Also, Uzbekistan (Orator) in this
section, as well as Singapore (Chicken Rice War) and
Kyrgyz (The Chimp) in the Asian Panorama section, marked
the first entry to the festival.
Karena Lam, Hong Kong’s up-and-coming actress from July Rhapsody,
experienced her popularity in Fukuoka. The three entries from
Korea, Last Present, Chihwaseon, and The Way
Home were also audience’s favourites. These four films drew
the largest audience. Nishitetsu Hall which is directly connected
to the train station in the city centre, joined our screening
theatres, thus the access to the venues has become easier for
The Sri Lanka Cinema in Focus section exhibited six Singhalese
films. Just after Fukuoka, these were introduced to Asian cinema
fans in Tokyo in the Sri Lankan Film Festival in Tokyo 2002
commemorating the 50th anniversary of the diplomatic relationship
between Sri Lanka and Japan.

 Other events such as a programme in connection with the creation
of the Fukuoka Film Commission, and a selection of Zhang Yimou
celebrating his receiving the Fukuoka Asian Culture Prize, were
also held.


and part of the Fukuoka City Public Library Film Archive Collection
Tomorrow -Farda- Dir. Setsuo Nakayama 2002/Iran/Japan/color/106min.
Bemani Dir. Dariush Mehrjui 2002/Iran/color/97min.
I’m Taraneh, 15 Dir. Rassul Sadr-Ameli 2002/Iran/color/110min.
Through Sunglasses Dir. Mohammad Hossein Latifi 2000/Iran/color/98min.
Orator Dir. Yusup Razykov 1999/Uzbekistan/color/83min.
A Tree without Roots Dir.Tanvir Mokammel 2001/Bangladesh/color/113min.
New Moon Dir. Marilou Diaz-Abaya 2001/Philippines/color/134min.
The Chimp Dir. Aktan Abdykalykov 2001/Kyrgyz/France/Japan/color/90min.
Octave Dir. Shaji N. Karun 2002/India/color/118min.
The Island Dir. Girish Kasaravalli 2002/India/color/137min.
Ride on the Rainbow Dir. Jahnu Barua 2002/India/color/116min.
A Beautiful Flower Dir. Nabin Subba 2002/Nepal/color/113min.
Chicken Rice War Dir. CheeK 2000/Singapore/color/100min.
The Moonhunter Dir. Bhandit Rittakol 2001/Thailand/color/122min.
Guava House Dir. Dang Nhat Minh 2000/Vietnam/color/103min.
July Rhapsody Dir. Ann Hui 2001/Hong Kong/color/103min.
The Best of Times Dir. Chang Tso-chi 2001/Taiwan/Japan/color/110min.
Chihwaseon Dir. Im Kwon-Taek 2002/Korea/color/117min.
The Way Home Dir. Lee Jung-Hyang 2002/Korea/color/87min.
Last Present Dir. Oh Ki-Hwan 2001/Korea/color/112min.
Kirishima 1945 Dir. Kazuo Kuroki 2002/Japan/color/119min.
Pickpocket Dir. Linton Semage 2002/Sri Lanka/color/80min.
White Shadows Dir. Sunil Ariyarathna 2002/Sri Lanka/color/119min.
Mansion by the Lake Dir. Lester James Peries 2002/Sri Lanka/color/124min.
The Compensation Dir. Bennett Rathnayake 2001/Sri Lanka/color/112min.
Pilgrimage Dir. Vasantha Obeyesekere 1998/Sri Lanka/color/103min.
The Way of the Lotus Dir. Tissa Abeysekara 1987/Sri Lanka/color/140min.

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