Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival 2015

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2003 (13th)

2003Click on image to open festival catalogue pdf file.
HELD : 12th -23rd September,
VENUES : Solaria Cinema 1, Elgala
Hall, Nishitetsu Hall,NTT Yume Tenjin Hall, Ajibi Hall
EXHIBITION OF : 60 films from 14 nations
and regions
ATTENDANCE: Focus on Asia 2003 –
FIFF 18,235
Sponsored Events 4,485
TOTAL 22,720
OPENING FILM: Shadow Kill (2002/India)

 The opening day has marked the commemorative record
having counted the grand total number of audience 200,000
since the festival’s inauguration in 1991. This year,
60 films were screened in total, as many as last year,
and audience attendance has reached the record high.
One of the features was the Spotlight-Women’s Film section
where six titles directed by women filmmakers were introduced.
Among all those excellent films, Hejar, a Turkish
film about the Kurdish issue drew the wide attention.
Other two special programmes also attracted people;
the Vietnam Film in Focus section screened rather new
type of films representing from the Vietnam film industry
that is now in the transformation phase with their 50th
anniversary, and in Korean Cinema Collection section
a variety kinds of films were gathered in Fukuoka from
popular, Korean pictures.
Many movie fans rushed to see not only feature films
but documentaries and short films such as Daughter
from Yan’an
filmed in China by Japanese director
Kaoru Ikeya, and Barefoot to Herat by the prominent
filmmaker Majid Majidi witnessing the realities of the
neighbouring country, Afghanistan. Majidi also presented
a short film which was popular among audience as well
as a Korean film made up of short stories by six talented
Thailand’s humming film industry sent Fukuoka two noteworthy
films made by young directors, Mekhong Full Moon
and One Night Husband. Also, Australia
has made the first entry into the festival with Beneath
, a debut film by a young director.
With the outbreak of Sars that hit Asia this spring,
how it would affect guests’ attendance was our concern
before the disease-free declaration. Far from our worry,
leading actresses of Asia including Konkona Sensharma
(India), Nimmi Harasgama (Sri Lanka), Ho Thi Kim Khanh
(Vietnam), Siriyakorn Pookaves (Thailand), Chen Shiang-chyi
(Taiwan), and Chang Mi-hee (Korea), came and lent brilliance
to the festival.
Philippines’ filmmaker Marilou Diaz-Abaya who calls
Fukuoka her "second home" came to the festival
expressly as one of the panellists of the Forum entitled
"Message from Asian Filmmakers."


and part of the Fukuoka City Public Library Film Archive Collection
Barefoot to Herat Dir. Majid Majidi 2002/Iran/colour/65min/video
Olympic in Camp 2002/Iran/colour/5min/video
Don’t Cry Dir. Amir Karakulov 2003/Kazakhstan/Japan/colour/80min
Shadow Kill Dir. Adoor Gopalakrishnan 2002/Tamil, Malayalam/India/colour/90min
Mouth Organ Dir. A. K. Bir 2002/Hindi/India/colour/80min
August Sun Dir. Prasanna Vithanage 2003/Sri Lanka/colour/108min
Mekhong Full
Moon Party
Dir. Jira Malikul 2002/Thailand/colour/119min
Magnifico Dir. Maryo J. de los
Words from the
Dir. Bat-ulzii Osor 2001/Mongolia/colour/96min/video
Life Show Dir. Huo Jianqi 2002/China/colour/107min
Southbound Swallow Dir. Lien Chin-hua 2002/Taiwan/colour/85min
The Human Comedy Dir. Hung Hung 2001/Taiwan/colour/117min
Beneath Clouds Dir. Ivan Sen 2001/Australia/colour/90min
Warabinokou –
to the bracken fields
Dir. Hideo Onchi 2003/Japan/colour/124min
Daughter from
Dir. Kaoru Ikeya 2002/Japan/colour/120min
Hejar Dir. Handan Ipekçi 2001/Turkey/colour/120min.
Women’s Prison Dir. Manijeh Hekmat 2002/Iran/colour/106min
Mr. and Mrs.
Dir. Aparna Sen 2002/India/colour/120min
One Night Husband Dir. Pimpaka Towira 2003/Thailand/colour/114min
American Adobo Dir. Laurice Guillen 2002/Philippines/colour/110min
There was Once
a Time When…
Dir. Viet Linh 2002/Vietnam/colour/108min
There was Once a Time
Dir. Viet Linh 2002/Vietnam/colour/108min
Hanoi 12 Days and Nights Dir. Bui Dinh Hac 2002/Vietnam/colour/127min
Heaven’s Net Dir. Phi Tien Son 2002/Vietnam/colour/100min
King of Rubbish-Dump Dir. Do Minh Tuan 2002/Vietnam/colour/100min
If You were Me CrossingDir. Yeo Kyun-Dong 2003/Korea/colour/110min
The Man with An Affair
Dir. Jeong Jae-Eun
The Weight of Her
Dir. Yim Soon-Rye
Dir. Park Kwang-Su
Tongue Tie
Dir. Park Jin-Pyo
Never Ending Peace and Love
Dir. Park Chan-Wuk
Season in the Sun Dir. Lee Min-Yong 2003/Korea/colour/102min
Oasis Dir. Lee Chang-Dong 2002/Korea/colour/132min
Lovers’ Concerto Dir. Lee Han 2002/Korea/colour/105min
Let’s not Cry! Dir. Min Boung-Hun 2001/Korea/colour/108min

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