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2004 (14th)

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HELD : 10th -20th September, 2004
VENUES : Solaria Cinema 1, Elgala Hall, Nishitetsu Hall, Fukufuku Hall,NTT Yume Tenjin Hall , Ajibi Hall , AMC Canal City 13(49th Asia Pacific Film Festival)
EXHIBITION OF : 54 films from 19 nations and regions
ATTENDANCE: Focus on Asia 2004 – FIFF 17,076
Sponsored Events 5,944
TOTAL 23,020
OPENING FILM: Stirring Trip to Mutuo(2003/China)

 Returning to Fukuoka for its second hosting after a lapse of 11 years, 49th Asia Pacific Film Festival was held following Focus on Asia 2004 Fukuoka International Film Festival. To add an air of color to the Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival, tickets permitted audiences to see films presented in either festival. As a result, audience figures for this year reached a total of 23,020 setting an all time record.
"Stirring Trip to Mutuo", the opening film from China and "Lalon" from Bangladesh drew special attention from those in the film industry from the point of view of being "discoveries of unknown masterpieces". Other films from China included "When Ruoma Was Seventeen" depicting a girl from Yunan falling in love for the first time presented with a rich sense of feeling, and "My Bittersweet Taiwan", a winner of many film awards in China. With Japan presently in the midst of a very popular "Hanryu" trend of accepting Korean culture, the festival’s four Korean films and a special Korean forum entitled "New Vision for a New Century" attracted quite an audience.
 The film festival was able to present a rich lineup of the latest films by Asian film directors already well known in Japan, such as Dariush Mehrjui (Iran), Maniratnam (India), Sumitra Peries (Sri Lanka), Garin Nugroho (Indonesia), Marilou Diaz-Abaya (Philippines) and Im Kwon-taek (Korea).
 A "barrier-free exhibition" was attempted for the very first time. "The Crying Wind" was screened with Japanese subtitles for the visually handicapped and a supplementary sound channel for those handicapped with hearing. Starting this year, tickets were offered with special added value good at participating restaurants.
 A special screening of "Gena K", the film directional debut of Yoshimasa Fujie of Fukuoka, was held on the closing day of the festival. The film set in Fukuoka, starred Shubbi and Akiko Yoshii, who both attended the premiere screening which drew a large audience arriving early in the morning for their tickets.


and part of the Fukuoka City Public Library Film Archive Collection
Children of Secret Dir. Aydin Sayman
Dir. Ümmit C. Güven
The Lizard Dir. Kamal Tabrizi 2004/Iran/color/115min.
Mama’s Guest Dir. Dariush Mehrjui 2004/Iran/color/108min.
The Tear of the Cold Dir. Azizollah Hamidnezhad 2004/Iran/color/103min.
At a Distance Dir. Shyamaprasad 2004/India/color/92min.
In the Forest… Again Dir. Goutam Ghose 2003/India/color&BW/125min.
Love is God Dir. Sunder C. 2003/India/color/158min.
A Peck on the Cheek Dir. Maniratnam 2002/India/color/136min.
Fire Fighters Dir. Somaratne Dissanayake 2004/Sri Lanka/color/117min.
The Garden Dir. Sumitra Peries 2003/Sri Lanka/color/110min.
Lalon Dir. Tanvir Mokammel 2004/Bangladesh/color/131min.
Bird-Man Tale Dir. Garin Nugroho 2002/Indonesia/color/90min.
The Big Durian Dir. Amir Muhammad 2003/Malaysia/color/75min.
Song of the Stork Dir. Jonathan Foo
Dir. Nguyen Phan Quang Binh
Then and Now Dir. Marilou Diaz-Abaya 2003/Philippines/color/127min.
The Seventies Dir. Chito S. Roño 2002/Philippines/color/132min.
Stirring Trip to Mutuo Dir. Hasi Chaolu 2003/China/color/98min.
My Bittersweet Taiwan Dir. Zheng Dongtian 2003/China/color/93min.
When Ruoma was Seventeen Dir. Zhang Jiarui 2002/China/color/91min.
Low Life Dir. Im Kwon-taek 2004/Korea/color/105min.
When I Turned Nine Dir. Yun In-ho 2004/Korea/color/105min.
Au Revoir, UFO Dir. Kim Jin-min 2004/Korea/color/106min.
White Valentine Dir. Yang Yun-ho 1999/Korea/color/89min.
Japanese Story Dir. Sue Brooks 2003/Australia/color/107min.
The Crying Wind Dir. Yoichi Higashi 2004/Japan/color/106min.
Live Forever

Dir. Satoshi Imada

Kuhaku Dir. Keiko Inoue 2001/Japan/color/25min.
Special Screening
Gena K (without English subtitles) Dir. Yoshimasa Fujie 2004/Japan/color/116min.
49th Asia Pacific Film Festival in Fukuoka
THE OVERTURE Dir. Itthisoontorn Vichailak 2003/Thailand/color/104min.
U14, DREAM TEAM Dir. Lam Le Dung 2004/Vietnam/color/85min.
OLD BOY Dir. Park Chan-wook 2003/Korea/color/120min.
I DIED IN CHILDHOOD Dir. Georgy Paradjanov 2004/Russia/color/51min.
ASTRAY Dir. Michelle Warner 2003/Australia/color/28min.
COMES THE BLACK DOG Dir. Stan Yin 2004/Taiwan/color/115min.
HE Dir. Rahbar Ghanbari 2004/Iran/color/85min.
PERFECT STRANGERS Dir. Gaylene Preston 2003/NewZealand/color/95min.
DEVILMAN Dir. Hiroyuki Nasu 2004/Japan/color/116min.
EMBERS Dir. Kichitaro Negishi 2004/Japan/color/121min.
THE HIDDEN BLADE Dir. Yoji Yamada 2004/Japan/color/131min.
UNIVERSITY OF LAUGHS Dir. Mamoru Hoshi 2004/Japan/color/121min.
THE FOLIAGE Dir. Lu Yue 2004/China/color/105min.

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