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2010 (20th)

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HELD September 17, 2010 (Fri.) – September 26, 2010 (Sun.)
VENUES Solaria Cinema, Elgala Hall, Fukuoka International Congress Center
EXHIBITION OF 177 motion pictures from 18 nations and regions of Asia shown.
ATTENDANCE Main program and Pre-festival Screenings: 13,917 Sponsored events: 6,404Total: 20,321
OPENIG FILM “The Dreamer” (2009/Indonesia)
Pre-Festival Event:
“Demae Eigasai –A Film Festival Comes to Your Neighborhood”

In order to expand our Asian film fan stratum as a means to increase our film audience, the Demae Eigasai was held, offering the public a chance to see Asian films at more accessible locations.
“The Rainbow Troops”, shown on June 17th at Jonan Civic Center “Child”, shown on June 26th at AMIKAS (Fukuoka City Gender Equality Promotion Center)

Pre-Festival Event:
“20th Anniversary Special Screening of Previous Winners of the Fukuoka Audience Award”

(September 4th at NTT Yume Tenjin Hall)
Commemorating the 20th year for the Festival, 4 Award-winning films selected for the Fukuoka Audience Award from 2006 to 2009 were shown in a special event.

“20th Anniversary Special Feature Program: The Majid Majidi Retrospective”

(September 15 – September 19, at the Fukuoka City Public Library Movie Hall Ciné-là)
Ever since the opening of the Fukuoka City Public Library Film Archive in 1996, the Festival has shown nearly every feature film directed by maestro Asian film director Majid Majidi and these films have been placed under the collection of the Fukuoka City Public Library Film Archive. The sole exception was the film director’s first feature film, “Baduk”, (1992), which the Festival never exhibited. However, as a 20th Anniversary Special Feature Program, all of his feature films, including “Baduk” were screened under “The Majid Majidi Retrospective”. As an added feature to the Special Program, the film director was invited to participate in a special question and answer session after the screening of his first film, “Baduk”.

Opening Night Screening

(September 17, at Fukuoka International Congress Center)
Our Opening Night was held on September 17 at the Fukuoka International Congress Center. Guests arrived at the main hall through its red carpet with the close to 1000 in the audience greeting them enthusiastically with a thunder of applause.

20th Anniversary Symposium:“The Charm of Indonesian Cinema -A Glimpse of Unfamiliar Indonesia”

(September 18)
Mr. Riri Riza, the director and Ms. Mira Lesmana, the producer of “The Dreamer” along with Mr. Joko Anwar, the director of “The Forbidden Door” were invited as special guests from Indonesia to the Symposium. The Symposium, moderated by Junichi Tomonari, an author and film critic, introduced the charm behind Indonesian Cinema and explained the circumstances surrounding present day Indonesian cinema to a standing room only crowd of Indonesian film fans.

20th Anniversary Symposium: “The Future of Asian Cinema and Film Festivals”

(September 19)
The Symposium, coordinated by Festival Director Yasuhiro Hariki, presented an overview of international film festivals as they stand today together with a discussion on the future of international film festivals. Invited as panelists, were Mr. Shinji Aoyama, a film director born in Fukuoka and a recipient of many international film festival awards including Cannes, Mr.Chang Yann, an advisor to the Taipei Film Festival, and Mr. Toru Abe, Chief Executive of the Fukuoka City Civic Affairs Bureau. A lively discussion ensued which also made suggestions for improving the Festival.

Special Screening of NETPAC Award-Winning Japanese Films

The Festival showed 5 Japanese films selected for their excellence by NETPAC (Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema), an organization granting awards at many international film festivals around the world. A question and answer session followed the screening in the presence of Aruna Vasudev, President of NETPAC.

Fukuoka Audience Award Presentation Ceremony and Special Screening

(September 22)
The winner of the Fukuoka Audience Award for 2010 was announced by Mr. Tsuneo Shindo, Chairman of the Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival Executive Committee, at the Elgala Hall to a packed audience anxious to know the award recipient. The Award went to a “True Noon”, a 2009 Tajik film directed by Nosir Saidov who accepted the award with excitement by saying “I am very pleased to be selected as I think this is my most significant award”.

Special Screening for the Visual Handicapped and those with Hearing Handicaps

(September 26)
The Japanese film “Looking for Anne” and the Tajik film “True Noon” were screened with audio commentary and Japanese subtitles provided by the untiring efforts of many public volunteers.

Voice-Over Screening

(September 26)
The Chinese motion picture “I Want to Dance!” was screened with a live voice-over performance by student volunteers, for young children with difficulties following Japanese subtitles.

Sponsored Events

This year 9 sponsored events participated in our Festival exhibiting a total of 134 films, which livened up our festivity spirit.


and part of the Fukuoka City Public Library Film Archive Collection
10 to 11 Dir. Pelin Esmer 2009/Turkey, France, Germany /115min.
Whisper with the Wind  Dir. Shahram Alidi 2009/Iraq /77min.
My Tehran for Sale  Dir. Granaz Moussavi 2009/Iran, Australia/95min.
Twenty  Dir. Abdolreza Kahani 2009/Iran/88min.
Fortress  Dir. Shamil Najafzada 2008/Azerbaijan/83min.
true Noon  Dir. Nosir Saidov 2009/Tajikistan/83min.
Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja  Dir. Hariharan 2009/India/194min.
The Dreamer  Dir. Riri Riza 2009/Indonesia/122min.
The Forbidden Door  Dir. Joko Anwar 2009/Indonesia/115min.
Woman on Fire Looks for Water  Dir. Woo Ming Jin 2009/Malaysia/100min.
Mundane History  Dir. Anocha Suwichakornpong 2009/Thailand/82min.
October Sonata  Dir. Somkiat Vithuranich 2009/Thailand/113min.
Lola  Dir. Brillante Mendoza 2009/Philippines/110min.
Manila Skies  Dir. Raymond Red 2009/Philippines/98min.
Dooman River  Dir. Zhang Lu 2010/China, Korea, France /92min.
Whispers and Moans  Dir. Herman Yau 2007/Hong Kong/96min.
Seven Days in Heaven Dir. Wang Yulin, Dir. Essay Liu 2009/Taiwan/92min.
Eighteen  Dir. Jang Kun-Jae 2009/Korea/95min.
Elbowroom  Dir. Ham Kyoung Rock 2009/Korea/104min.
Samson & Delilah  Dir. Warwick Thornton 2009/Australia/101min.
Autumn Adagio  Dir. Inoue Tsuki 2009/Japan/70min.
A 20th Anniversary Special Feature Program : The Majid Majidi Retrospective
Baduk  Dir. Majid Majidi 1992/Iran/86min.
The Father Dir. Majid Majidi 1996/Iran/95min.
Children of the Heaven Dir. Majid Majidi 1997/Iran/88min.
Color of Paradise Dir. Majid Majidi 1999/Iran/90min.
Baran  Dir. Majid Majidi 2001/Iran/96min.
Barefoot to Herat  Dir. Majid Majidi 2002/Iran/65min.
Olympic in Camp Dir. Majid Majidi 2002/Iran/5min.
The Willow tree Dir. Majid Majidi 2005/Iran/96min.
The Song of Sparrows   Dir. Majid Majidi 2007/Iran/96min.
A 20th Anniversary Special Feature Program : The Fukuoka Audience Award Winners
I Did Not Kill Gandhi  Dir. Jahnu Barua 2005/India/104min.
The White Silk Dress  Dir. Luu Huynh Luu 2006/Vietnam/143min.
In the Name of God  Dir. Shoaib Mansoor 2007/Pakistan/168min.
Don’t Burn  Dir. Dang Nhat Minh 2009/Vietnam/105min.
Special Screening of NETPAC Award-Winning Japanese Films
Nabbie’s Love  Dir. Nakae Yuji 1999/Japan/92min.
All Under the Moon  Dir. Sai Yoichi 1993/Japan/95min.
Faces of a Fig tree  Dir. Momoi Kaori 2006/Japan/94min.
The Mourning Forest  Dir. Kawase Naomi 2007/Japan, Franc /97min.
Tokyo Sonata  Dir. Kurosawa Kiyoshi 2008/Japan, Netherlands, Hong Kong/119min.

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