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2011 (21st)

2011Click on image to open festival catalogue pdf file. THE FOCUS-ON-ASIA FUKUOKA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2011
The Focus-on-Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival (hereinafter“Festival”) held its annual festival in 2011 for 10 days from September 16 (Fri) through September 25 (Sun) . In celebration of the opening of the new JR Hakata station terminal building, the Festival moved its
venues to the Hakata area to such theaters as T-Joy Hakata,JR Kyushu Hall and other facilities. In addition to receiving the full cooperation of the JR (Japan Railway) Kyushu Group in the area of public relations throughout the Kyushu region, tie-in campaigns associated with the
use of long distance trains, expressway buses,restaurants and hotels were launched to promote the Festival. This together with initiating reduced ticket rates to students and those attending our films dressed in ethnic Asian costumes, all contributed
to the Festival achieving a new level of increased activity.

1. Including co-sponsored programs, the Festival showed 197 motion pictures from 15 nations and regions of Asia. This compares with 177 motion pictures from 18 nations and regions of Asia shown during the Festival held in 2010.
2. The Festival invited 30 filmmakers from 11 nations and regions compared with 38 filmmakers being invited from 15 nations and regions for the 2010 Festival.
3. Total attendance including co-sponsored programs was 24, 266, setting a new record for the Festival, up from 20,321 in 2010.


Events organized by the Festival in this report are divided into those held prior to the actual holding of the Festival (“Pre-Festival Events”) and those held during the Festival (“Festival Events”).

1.“Demae Eigasai—A Film Festival Comes to Your Neighborhood ”

The first of the three-part event was held on June 9 at the Jonan Civic Center. The event, which showed the Sri Lankan film, “Flowers of the Sky ” (2008) drew a crowd of 331. The second was held at the Minami Civic Center on June 16. The event, which showed the Thai film, “The Happiness of Kati” (2009) drew a crowd of 155. The third was held at the Fukuoka City Gender Equality Promotion Center AMIKAS on June 25. The event, which showed the Turkish film, “Bliss” (2006) drew a crowd of 479. All three parts to the event, which showed films previously exhibited at the film festival, were extremely well received allowing the audience to “relive a festival atmosphere” in their neighborhood.

2.Special Screening of the 2010 Fukuoka Audience Award Winning Film

On September 4, “True Noon”, which won the 2010 Fukuoka Audience Award was screened at the Fukuoka City Public Library Movie Hall Ciné-là drawing a crowd of 140.

1. Opening Ceremony & Special Screening

Acclaimed guests to the Film Festival including film directors, filmmakers, actors and actresses, made their appearance on the red carpet at the Opening Ceremony held at T-Joy Hakata on September 16th. The Opening Film was “Nader and Simin, A Separation” from Iran, recipient of the 2011 Berlinale Golden Bear Award. 1,563 requests for admission to our opening event were received for a seating capacity of 350. The Opening Film ultimately won the Fukuoka Audience Award, drawing the highest attendance for a film during our Festival.

2. A Two-Part “Asian Cinema Culture Forum ”

A two-part “Asian Cinema Culture Forum ” was held on September 16th at the JR Hakata City Conference Room.

Part One entitled “The Japanese Active in Asian Films” was moderated by Yasuhiro Hariki, Director of the Festival and invited actress Cynthia Luster (AKA Yukari Oshima) as well as Kousuke Ono, Executive Producer and Kiki Sugino, Producer and starring actress to the film, “Hospitalité” as guest speakers.

Part One of the Forum attracted a full house, who listened with great interest to the guest speakers, which included Cynthia Luster (Yukari Oshima), a Japanese actress active in action films of Hong Kong and the Philippines, now residing in Fukuoka.

Part Two entitled “The Potential For an Asian Sense of Horror and Comedy” was moderated by Junichi Fukao of the Graduate School of Film Producing with Kaori Shinozaki from the University of Kitakyushu explaining the gist and objective of the Forum. Panelists included Koji Fukada, Director of “Hospitalité ”, Ho Wi Ding, Director of “Pinoy Sunday ” and Hiroyuki Yamamoto of Kyoto University, who together presented an interesting discussion of profound nature.

3.“Talk in KSU Art ”-A Workshop Outside the Festival

In collaboration with Kyushu Sangyo University, a lecture meeting was held on September 19th at Kyushu Sangyo University chaired by Professor Toshiya Kuroiwa where Xiao Ya Chuan, film director to “Taipei Exchanges ” and a guest to the Festival, delivered a special lecture. The event drew an enthusiastic crowd of 40.

4. Symposium: “Asian Sense of Comedy ”

The Festival Symposium entitled “Asian Sense of Comedy” was held on September 20th before a crowd of 40 at the JR Hakata City Conference Room. Moderated by Festival Director Yasuhiro Hariki, the Symposium invited Sooni Taraporevala, director of “Little Zizou” from India, Alex Chung, producer of “Winter Vacation” from China and film critic Kyoichiro Murayama from Japan as panelists. A broad discussion on comedy films was presented from an Indian, Chinese and Japanese perspective.

5. Fukuoka Audience Award Presentation Ceremony and Special Screening

The Fukuoka Audience Award presentation ceremony was held on September 21st at JR Kyushu Hall before an audience of 513. The award went to the Iranian film “Nader and Simin, A Separation”. After the ceremony there was a Special Screening of the Thai film, “Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives”, recipient of the 2010 Cannes Film Festival Palmed’Or, directed by Apichapon Weerasetakul.

6.Voice-Over Screening

To provide young children who have difficulty following subtitles with an opportunity to appreciate Asian films, the Malaysian motion picture “Dancing Bells” was exhibited as a “voice-over screening”, on September 25th at the T-Joy Hakata Theater 9, which drew an audience of 77.

7. Special Screening with Supplementary Sound and Subtitles for the Handicapped

To provide opportunities to those with visual and hearing impairment, a special day of screenings was held on September 14th at JR Kyushu Hall. Organized by the Fukuoka City Volunteer Network and Cinema Alci, the Taiwanese film, “Taipei Exchanges” and the Japanese film “Shin-san, Tankomachi no Serenade ”(“Forget Me Not”) were exhibited before an audience of 436.

8. Films Supported by the Fukuoka Film Commission

As a special program of films supported by the Fukuoka Film Commission, “I Wish”, “Ramen Samurai” and “Shin-san, Tankomachi no Serenade ” (“Forget Me Not ”) were exhibited at T-Joy Hakata from September 22nd through September 24th.

9. “Focus-on-Asia Visual Image Contest”

The “Focus-on-Asia Visual Image Contest ” was a competition held to select visual images to be used for flyers and other pubic relations material for the Festival. Images in competition were chosen from works submitted by students of Kyushu Designer Gakuin and Kyushu Visual Arts. Award winners were announced at a special ceremony held on July 12th at T-Joy Hakata Theater 9 to coincide with the Festival Press Conference.

10. Tie-Up Discount Tickets

A variety of discount tickets were offered through tie-up campaigns by the following organizations:
JR (Japan Railway) Kyushu, JR Kyushu Travel, JR Hakata City Restaurant Zone “Kuten”, Across Kyushu Highway Bus Network, “Chikushi-Kai (an association of hotels in the Hakata station vicinity), Fukuoka Asian Culture Prizes and the magazine “Ufufu”.
Separate from tie-up campaigns, the Festival offered discounts to those who came to watch films at the Festival dressed in Asian ethnic costumes. The “Asian Ethnic Costume Discount” was well received.

11. Co-Sponsored Programs

The Festival presented 7 co-sponsored programs including “Asia Focus Archives”, a collection our films exhibited at the Festival in the past.

2011 Line-up (32 films from 13 nations and regions)

Official Selection – New and much talked about films from Asia
Majority Seren Yuce 2010/Turkey /102min.
Nader and Simin, A Separation  Asghar Farhadi 2011/Iran /123min.
Gesher  Vahid Vakilifar 2010/Iran/84min.
Autumn Aamir Bashir 2010/India/99min.
The Japanese Wife Aparna Sen 2010/India/105min.
Little Zizou Sooni Taraporevala 2007/India/101min.
The Little Comedian  Vithaya Thongyuyong 2010/Thailand/130min.
Mez Tharatorn
The Red Eagle Wisit Sasanatieng 2010/Thailand/130min.
The Fate of A Songstress in Thang Long Dao Ba Son 2010/Vietnam/120min.
It’s A Great, Great World Kelvin Tong 2010/Singapore(Chinese Dialogue)/91min.
Claypot Curry Killers James Lee 2011/Malaysia
(Chinese Dialogue)/90min.
Chassis Adolfo Alix Jr. 2009/Philippines/73min.
The Piano in a Factory  Zhang Meng 2010/China/105min.
Return Ticket  Teng Yung Shing 2011/China/88min.
The Sun Beaten Path Sonthar Gyal 2010/China
(Tibetan Dialogue) /89min.
Winter Vacation Li Hongqi 2010/China/91min.
Pinoy Sunday Ho Wi Ding 2009/Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, France
(Tagalog Dialogue)/85min.
Taipei Exchanges Hsiao Ya Chuan 2010/Taiwan/82min.
Anyang, Paradise City Park Chang Kyong 2010/Korea/102min.
Bleak Night  Yoon Sung Hyun 2010/Korea/116min.
Hospitalité  Koji Fukada 2010/Japan/96min.
Special Feature – Naoko Ogigami
Barber Yoshino
(Yoshino’s Barbershop)
Naoko Ogigami 2003/Japan/96min.
Koi wa go-shichi-go! Naoko Ogigami 2004/Japan/111min.
Kamome Shokudo Naoko Ogigami 2005/Japan/102min.
Megane Naoko Ogigami 2007/Japan/106min.
Toilet Naoko Ogigami 2010/Japan/119min.
Fukuoka Audience Award Ceremony Special Screening
Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives Apichappon Weerasetakul 2010/UK, Thailand, Germany, France, Spain/98min.
Voice-Over Screening
Dancing Bells Deepak Kumaran Menon 2006/Malaysia/98min.
Special Screening with Supplementary Sound and Subtitles for Handicapped
Shin-san Tankoumachi no Serenade Hideyuji Hirayama 2009/Japan/108min.
Taipei Exchanges Hsiao Ya Chuan 2010/Taiwan/82min.
Films Supported by the Fukuoka Film Commission
I Wish Hirokazu Koreeda 2011/Japan/128min.
Shin-san Tankoumachi no Serenade Hideyuki Hirayama 2009/Japan/108min.
Ramen Samurai Naoki Segi 2011/Japan/115min.
Special Screening of 2010 Fukuoka Audience Award Winner
True Noon Nosir Saidov 2009/Tajikistan/83min.

Co-Sponsored Programs (7programs/139 films)

Focus on Asia Archives (Organizer: Fukuoka City Public Library)

Dates: September 1 (Thu.)-September 11 (Sun.)
Venue: Fukuoka City Public Library Movie Hall Ciné-Là

Light in Dream Do Minh Tuan


Maybe Some Other Time Bahram Beizai 1988/Iran/160min.
Red Persimmon Red Persimmon 1996/Taiwan/167min.
Festival Im Kwon taek 1996/Korea/100min.
Thatched Memories Xu Geng 1999/China/106min.
A Beautiful Flower Nubin Subba 2002/Nepal/113min.
Fire Fighters Somaratne Dissnayake 2004/Sri Lanka/117min.
La Visa Loca Mark Meilly 2005/Philippines/107min.
Woman on Fire Looks for Water Woo Ming Jin 2009/Malaysia /100min.
Fukuoka Independent Film Festival 2011

Organizer: Fukuoka Independent Film Festival Committee
Dates: September 9 (Fri.) – September 13 (Tue.)
Venue: Fukuoka Asian Art Museum Ajibi Hall Ciné-Là


Koto Girl Murabayashi Yumi 2010/Japan/17.41min.
Starlight Yuu Miyama 2011/Japan/35min.
Ikisatsu Naka Nao 2011/Japan/2.46min.
OVER END DENPO-ZI Tamura 2011/Japan/54min.
YOU,ME & A Cup of Coffee Shunsuke Teshima 2011/Japan/5min.
The lost peoples Kazuya Kitao 2011/Japan/36min.
HYAENA Akira Uchino 2011/Japan/25min.
za☆panku Tatsuki Yonemoto 2009/Japan/13min.
Santa Claus 〜Christmas Eve〜 Tatsuki Yonemoto 2010/Japan/22min.
I’m home Toda Akihiro 2010/Japan/119min.
hinkonee Naoyasu Achi 2010/Japan/56min.
TOP Sakumi Shimauchi 2011/Japan/5min.
Who is she? Tetsuya Tsukamoto 2011/Japan/23min.
PUB INFERNO Akira Uchino 2011/Japan/9min.
FOCUS Satoshi.Kase 2008/Japan/93min.
ENCOUNTERS Takashi Iitsuka 2011/Japan/20min.
La Tokio Leggenda Moderna HIGADORON&HAOYAN 2011/Japan/40min.
HERO’S WEEKLY Kohji Ota 2010/Japan/27min.
Across the Milky Way Yuki Yoshii  2010/Japan/30min.
WHAT IS YOURS Yuki Ogura 2011/USA/6.2min.
windmill Oda Norikazu 2011/Japan/90min.
Things that pass…. Seiichiro Maehira 2011/Japan/55min.
Over the sky Isako kodaka 2010/Japan/24.13min.
SMILE Ryohei Watanabe 2011/Japan/5min.
Let’t listen to my voice.  rantaro 2011/Japan/32min.
I am here!  rantaro 2011/Japan/30min.
Hands and eyes Shohei Yokoyama 2011/Japan/19min.
Tsuchi-gumo UEA-Visual Design Men 2011/Japan/4min.
Candy Dog Shohei Yokoyama / Noboru Suzuki 2010/Japan/119min.
How beautiful japanese morning is Yuichi Suita 2011/Japan/15min.
Hawaiian Dreamer Akiyoshi Koba 2011/Japan/30min.
Strayer and person who gathers.  Wanshuen 2010/Japan/8min.
Suicidal boarder line Shinsuke Machida 2011/Japan/2.30min.
Dis-communication Happy Life Shinsuke Machida 2011/Japan/2.30min.
KANAKUZU Hiroshi Moriguchi  2010/Japan/65min.
the abandoned Oba Norichika 2010/Japan/82.22min.
Clumsy eyes Kenji Yoshioka 2009/Japan/45min.
Please tell me!? Workmen in Showa Kenichiro Suzuki 2011/Japan/8min.
KIDNEY Yuji Mitsuhashi  2011/Japan/12min.
Meet up at the Solaria Vision Tsutsumi Masaya 2011/Japan/78min.
LOST WHITE Yusaku Okamoto 2010/Japan/19.46min.
HIGH SCHOOL GIRL OF THE DEAD Tashiro Naoya 2009/Japan/53min.
CRACK Arai Satoshi 2011/Japan/19min.
vanilla sex Masahiro Iwamatsu 2010/Japan/23min.
umeboshi inoue hiroki 2008/Japan/26min.
Unjolly JUNKO Yuichiro Taniguchi 2010/Japan/24.01min.
Never Ending Limit∞ Yamanoi Yuzuru 2011/Japan/15.47min.
The coffee roasting Masahiro Iwamatsu 2011/Japan/15min.
The Crazy Stunt Rhapsody Tamai Masatoshi  2011/Japan/43min.
Sakura Sakura・・・ Makoto Yamaguchi 2009/Japan/67min.
Nanjya Ninjya Makoto Yamaguchi 2005/Japan/15min.
Burning Sun(trailer1) Watanabe Carcass 2011/Japan/2.37min.
Empty Watanabe Carcass 2011/Japan/33.2min.
Sweet Rain Keita Sakai 2009/Japan/10min.
scandal! Yosuke Itoh , Hisanori Tsukuda 2011/Japan/20.5min.
Desperate Cosmos Chie Hirano 2011/Japan/5.17min.
Illmatic modernism Musashi=Rosso 2011/Japan/29.57min.
My Note / Selection Toru Takenaka 2011/Japan/20min.
The blue blues  Morinobu Ueno 2010/Japan/15min.
Prendere Hiroki Kumamoto 2011/Japan/12min.
BUMPY BALLOON Nakamura Akira 2011/Japan/89min.
Saint Tatsuya Kei Yamaki, Naoya Wada 2011/Japan/23.31min.
LONELY ANIMALS Masanori Numaguchi 2010/Japan/14min.
sannhunnkanndedekirukoto Seij Iguchi 2011/Japan/4.10min.
Personal scenery Yoshimura Nozomu 2009/Japan/58min.
Bye-bye Bunny Naoyuki Kinoshita 2011/Japan/25min.
Drop Madoka Furukawa 2008/Japan/62min.
Picture Stories on the Road Takafumi Tachibana 2010/Japan/20min.
Tales from the Cottage: Episode1~4 Takafumi Tachibana 2011/Japan/20min.


The Haunted Road of Life Josh Hoffman 2008/Korea/38min.
Thoughtography Josh Hoffman 2009/Korea/5min.
AUCTION.14 Takashi Maekawa 2011/Japan/60min.


Stray Cats Min Byung-woo 2011/Korea/16.38min.
Hi, beggars Kim So-Yeon 2011/Korea/21.18min.
MISSING Son, Seung-woong Korea/21min.
The Memory Of Loss Kim, Yu-ri Korea/28min.
Where are to go ? Jin Seung-hyeon 2011/Korea/97.35min.
Busan Everland Kim Tae gyun 2009/Korea/5.24min.

◆Japanese Selection

TWEETING SANSHIRO, WIN ONE…NOW Kan Eguchi 2010/Japan/34.16min.
KAEDAMA Kan Eguchi 2006/Japan/1.0min.
My Kin’s medal Kan Eguchi 2008/Japan/17.23min.
A north wind boy’s KNATARO Kan Eguchi 2010/Japan/7.28min.
HENCHMEN Kan Eguchi 2010/Japan/20.45min.
Rigaos(TVCM) Kan Eguchi 2011/Japan/3.15min.
GEROGIA (TVCM) Kan Eguchi 2011/Japan/1min.
T&G(TVCM) Kan Eguchi 2011/Japan/1min.
SAGAMI LOVE DISTANCE(TVCM) Kan Eguchi 2008/Japan/1.33min.
NIKE iD COSPLAY(TVCM) Kan Eguchi 2006/Japan/3.05min.
HAWKS Baseball sparring match(TVCM) Kan Eguchi 2007/Japan/1.3min.
PARCO(winter)(TVCM) Kan Eguchi 2010/Japan/2min.
Breath tax Masayuki Hisano 2011/Japan/35min.
JAM Mirai Mizue 2009/Japan/2.46min.
DEVOUR DINNER Mirai Mizue 2008/Japan/10min.
PLAYGROUND Mirai Mizue 2010/Japan/3.5min.
MODERN Mirai Mizue 2010/Japan/6min.
TATAMP Mirai Mizue 2011/Japan/4min.
ANDAND Mirai Mizue 2011/Japan/7min.
MODERN No.2 Mirai Mizue 2011/Japan/4.15min.
Lightning Doodle Project "PiKA PiKA" TOCHKA 2006/Japan/4min.
PiKA PiKA in YAMAGATA TOCHKA 2008/Japan/2.33min.
PiKA PiKA in NANIWA TOCHKA 2011/Japan/15min.
PiKA PiKA 2007 TOCHKA 2008/Japan/5min.
PiKA PiKA Workshop @ MEDIA SEVEN TOCHKA 2008/Japan/1.2min.
PiKA PiKA in INDONESIA TOCHKA 2008/Indonesia/5min.
PiKA PiKA Workshop @ ANIMA MUNDI TOCHKA 2008/Brazil/1.1min.
OGRE YOU ASSHOLE pinhall ”MV” TOCHKA 2009/Japan/3.24min.
STEPS TOCHKA 2010/Japan/2min.
KIMIDEITE BUJIDEITE ×Safe And Sound Project TOCHKA 2011/Japan/2.25min.
Aclerk in charge Atsushi Wada 2004/Japan/6.15min.
Day of nose Atsushi Wada 2005/Japan/9.3min.
Gentle whistle, bird and stone Atsushi Wada 2005/Japan/3.3min.
a manipulated man Atsushi Wada 2006/Japan/4.33min.
Well, that’s glasses Atsushi Wada 2007/Japan/3.3min.
In a pig’s eye Atsushi Wada 2010/Japan/10.1min.
The mechanism of spring Atsushi Wada 2010/Japan/4.2min.
The Thaw Kei Oyama 2004/Japan/7min.
Usual Sunday Kei Oyama 2003/Japan/9min.
Consultation Room Kei Oyama 2005/Japan/9min.
YUKI-CHAN Kei Oyama 2006/Japan/5min.
HAND SOAP Kei Oyama 2008/Japan/16min.
FACETRIP Yuki Ono 2010/Japan/2.45min.
UNKOWN Yuji Mitsuhashi 2010/Japan/6.4min.
SAKURARANSEL Satoshi Arai 2008/Japan/36min.
Donguri Brother’plum pickles Hiroki Inoue 2009/Japan/86min.


√ZERO PV Takafumi Tachibana 2011/Japan/5min.
Japanese Film Masterpieces

Organizer: Fukuoka City Public Library
Dates: September 14 (Wed.)- October 2 (Sun.)
Venue: Fukuoka City Public Library Movie Hall Ciné-Là

Meshi Mikio Naruse 1951/Japan/97min.
Tokyou Monogatari aka Tokyo Story Yasuhiro Ozu 1953/Japan/136min.
Shin Santo Juuyaku aka Third Class Executive Masanori Kakei 1959/Japan/91min.
Kirare Yosaburo Daisuke Ito 1960/Japan/94min.
Suna No Onna Hiroshi Teshigahara 1963/Japan/147min.
Otoko Wa Tsuraiyo aka Am I Trying Youji Yamada 1969/Japan/91min.
Denen Ni Shisu aka Pastoral: To Die in the Country Shuuji Terayama 1974/Japan/101min.
Seishun No Mon aka The Gate of Youth Kinji Fukasaku 1981/Japan/140min.
Seishun No Mon Jiritsu Hen The Gate of Yough Part 2 Koreyoshi Kurahara 1982/Japan/137min.
Dogura Magura Toshio Matsumoto 1988/Japan/109min.
SAWADA Shou Igarashi 1996/Japan/114min.
The Ants aka Ari No Heitai Kaoru Ikeya 2005/Japan/101min.
Left Handed aka Tobira No Mukou Laurence Thrush 2008/Japan/110min.
Special Film Screening Event for Junior High School Students

Organizers: The Nishi-Nippon Foundation/The Nishi-Nippon City Bank
Dates: September 15 (Thu.) & 16 (Fri.)
Venue: T-JOY Hakata Theater 9

The Little Comedian Vithaya Thongyuyong, Mez Tharatorn 2010/Thailand/130min.
Taiwan Film Festival 2011

Organizers: Taiwan Film Festival Executive Committee
Dates: September 15 (Thu.)-September 20 (Tue.)
Venue: Fukuoka Asian Art Museum Ajibi Hall

Au revoir, Taipei Arvin Chen 2010/Taiwan, USA/85min.
Snowfall in Taipei Huo Jianqi 2009/Taiwan, China, Japan, Hong Kong/103min.
Winds of September Tom Lin 2008/Taiwan, Hong Kong/107min.
The Shoe Fairy Robin Lee 2005/Taiwan/95min.
Holiday Dreaming Xu Fu Jun 2004/Taiwan/100min.
Three Times Hou Hsiao Hsien 2005/Taiwan/131min.
The East Asia Film Festa 2011

Organizer: Ajia no Kokoro Jikkouiinkai
Dates: September 22 (Thu.) – September 27 (Tue.)
Venue: Fukuoka Asian Art Museum Ajibi Hall

Road to Dawn Derek Chiu 2006/China/127min.
Two Great Sheep Liu Hao 2004/China/100min.
Bandhobi Shin Dong-il 2009/Korea/107min.
Paju Park Chan Ok, 2009/Korea/111min.
Beijing Bicycle Wang Xiaoshuai 2000/China, Taiwan/113min.
A Time to Love Huo Jianqi 2005/China/112min.
A Little Pond Lee Sang-woo 2010/Korea/86min.
The 8 Sentiments Seong Ji-hye 2010/Korea/90min.
The Third East Asian Film Subtitling Project by Students of Fukuoka University
Department of East Asian Studies, Faculty of Humanities of Fukuoka University
The White Haired Girl Wang Bin, Shui Hua 1950/China/111min.
My Day Off Lu Ren 1959/China/93min.
The Hand of Fate Han Hyeong-mo 1954/Korea/95min.

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