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2012 (22nd)

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The Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival held its annual film festival from September 14(Fri.)-23(Sun.) at its venues, T-Joy Hakata and the JR Kyushu Hall. 55 guests from 13 countries and regions were invited (figures for 2011 were 30 guests from 11 countries and regions). A total of 233 motion pictures (including co-sponsored events) from 15 countries and regions were shown (figures for 2011 were 197 motion pictures from 15 countries and regions). Total attendance was 23,177 (15,980 for our main programs and 7.197 for sponsored events). In 2011, the audience total was 24,226.

Organized by the Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival Executive Committee, the Film Festival was supported by the Japan Arts Fund. Special sponsors included the Nishi-Nippon City Bank and the Nishi-Nippon Foundation. Sponsors included Kyushu Electric Power Co. Inc, the Bank of Fukuoka Ltd., Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co. Ltd., Saibu Gas Co. Ltd., Kyudenko Co. Inc., Fukuoka Toyota Motors Co. Ltd., Tama Home, Seiko Co., Ltd., NTT West Corporation and Turkish Airlines.

Events Organized by the Festival
1. Demae Eigasai-A Film Festival Comes to Your Neighborhood

“Demai Eigasai” was a screening event held prior to the actual holding of the Festival where the Chinese film, “I Want to Dance” was exhibited. The exhibition was held at the Fukuoka City Gender Equality Center AMIKAS in Fukuoka on June 23 (Sat.), drawing an audience of 184.

2. Outdoor Opening Ceremony& Special Screening

This year, as the Grand Opening of Asian Month’s main events, an outdoor red carpet gala and opening screening was held. Many Asian filmmakers and film stars and personalities attended the Opening Ceremony as guests. These included special guest Mr. Suo Masayuki, film director of “A Terminal Trust” (Tsui no Shintaku) and Mr. Osugi, a well-known Japanese film critic and television personality. On the big screen, the Korean film “Dancing Queen” was shown as our Opening Film. Although it rained, the venue was full of excitement drawing a crowd of 2,000.

3. Feature Program I: The Complete Cinematic Works of Asghar Farhadi

The Iranian film “Nader and Simin-A Separation” had its Japanese premiere at our Festival in 2011. The film was the 5th feature film for Asghar Farhadi, the spirited Iranian film director who received the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2012. All five of his feature films were shown as part of our feature program. Of the five, three were exhibited for the first time in Japan.

4. Feature Program II: AgriCinema – Cinema Within Agriculture

This feature program showed three Japanese films with agriculture as their theme. Along with the screenings, the Festival held a symposium (see below) in search of the meaning of making films in localities and what meaning creativity brings in our time.

5. Symposium
Part I :
“Film Production in South Asia from the Source” (Attendance: 35)
Moderator :
Yasuhiro Hariki, Festival Director
Speakers :
Prasanna Vithanage, film director of “With You, Without You” (Sri Lanka) and Morshedul Islam, film director of “My Friend Rashed” (Bangladesh)

With such a major country as India in its region, the history and inter-relations within South Asia has been complex due to differences in language, race and religion. Inviting film directors from Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, the Symposium addressed the issues of current conditions in South Asia and filmmaking in the region.

Part II :
“Agri-Cinema-Cinema within Agriculture-Films Produced to Enrich the Community” (Attendance: 45)
Panelists :
Yuji Nakae, Film Director of “Nabbie’s Love”
Junichiro Yamazaki, Director of “The Sound of Light”
Yasuhiro Hariki, Festival Director

Inviting two filmmakers who make films rooted in regional locality and who exhibit their locality produced films, the Symposium provided an opportunity to deepen an understanding towards the current status of filmmaking and sought out future possibilities of film production.

6. Fukuoka Audience Award Presentation Ceremony and Special Screening

This year, the Fukuoka Audience Award went to “Bol” (English title: “Speak Up”), a Pakistani film made in 2011. For our special screening, we exhibited “Oshikamura Sodoki”, directed by Junji Sakamoto, which became the last film for the late actor, Hanada Yoshio, who passed away in 2011. The film was exhibited after the Ceremony.

7. Barrier Free Screenings

Barrier Free Screenings, organized by the Fukuoka City Volunteer Association and Cinema Arci and held on Saturday, September 22 at JR Kyushu Hall to a crowd of 467, were exhibited with Japanese subtitles and supplementary sound to provide the visually and hearing impaired audience with an opportunity to enjoy motion pictures. The Barrier Free Screenings exhibited the Iranian film “About Elly” directed by Asghar Farhadi and the Japanese film “Postccard” directed by Kaneto Shindo.

8. Films Supported by the Fukuoka Film Commission

Selected films supported by the Fukuoka Film Commission such as “My Uncle” and “Unstoppable Family”, were exhibited.

9. The Fukuoka Prize Special Screening

Marking its 23rd year in 2012, the Fukuoka Prize is presented to laureates who have made achievements in Asian academia, art and culture. A collection of films directed by Filipino film director Kidlat Tahimik was shown at the Festival to commemorate his acceptance of the Fukuoka Prize.

10. Stamp Rally

A stamp rally was held where individuals would get a stamp on a sheet each time they watched festival films or specified films at collaborating movie theaters in the vicinity. When the sheet became full of stamps, it qualified to enter a raffle where prizes such as air travel tickets were given away.

11. Co-sponsored Events

There were seven co-sponsored events held including “Focus on Asia Archives”.

2013 Film Line-up (Official Selection: 37 films from 15 countries and regions)

Official Invitation-Asia’s New and Much-Talked-About Films    17 films
Future Lasts Forever 2011/Turkey/108min.
The September 2011/Turkey/88min.
Speak Up Bol 2011/Pakistan/152min.
Kahaani Kahaani India/123min.
With You, Without You Oba Nathuwa Oba Eka 2012/Sri Lanka/India/90min.
My Friend Rashed Amar Bondhu Rashed 2011/Bangladesh/100min.
In April the Following Year, There Was a Fire Sin Maysar Fon Tok Ma Proi Proi 2012/Thailand/76min.
Twisted 撞鬼 2011/Singapore,Malaysia/100min.
The Catch Shiiku
Gibier d’Elevage
Fable of the Fish Isda 2011/Philippines/85min.
Amok Amok 2011/Philippines/82min.
Mr. Tree Hello, 樹先生 2011/China/88min.
Lee’s Adventure 李献计历险记 2011/China/91min.
Flying Dragon, Dancing Phoenix 龍飛鳳舞 2011/Taiwan/110min.
You Are the Apple of My Eye 那些年,我們一起追的女孩 2011/Taiwan/110min.
Dancing Queen 2011/Korea/124min.
From Seoul to Varanasi 2011/Korea/98min.
Feature Program I: Complete Cinematic Works of Asghar Farhadi    5 films
Dancing in the Dust 2003/Iran/95min.
Beautiful City 2004/Iran/102min.
Fireworks Wednesday 2006/Iran/104min.
About Elly 2009/Iran/116min.
Nader and Simin, A Separation 2011/Iran/123min.
Feature Program II: AgriCinema – Films Within Agriculture    3 films
The Sound of Light ひかりのおと 2011/Japan/89min.
Love Tomato 恋するトマト 2006/Japan/126min.
Enrai 遠雷 1981/Japan/135min.
Audience Award Ceremony Special Screening    1film
Oshika mura Sodoki 大鹿村騒動記 2011/Japan/93min.
Special Program: New Release Japanese Film    1film
Fly with Gold 黄金を抱いて翔べ 2012/Japan/129min.
Barrier-Free Screening    2 films
Postcard 一枚のハガキ 2011/Japan/114min.
About Elly 彼女が消えた浜辺 2009/Iran/116min.
Films Supported by the Fukuoka Film Commission    2 films
N/a 私の叔父さん 2011/Japan/99 min.
Unstoppable Family 2011/Korea/103min.
FUKUOKA ASIAN PRIZE Laureate Director Kidlat Tahimik    5 films
Turumba Turumba 1983/Philippines/90min.
Who Invented the YoYo? Who Invented the Moon Buggy? Sinong lumikha ng yoyo? Sinong lumikha ng moon buggy? 1981/Philippines/90min.
I am Furious yellow ’94; Why is Yellow Middle of Rainbow? 1994/Philippines/60min.
Perfumed Nightmare Mababangong bangungot 1977/Philippines/95min.
(in production) 
Special Invitation from Korea    2 films
Mr. Perfect 2012/Korea/105min.

Co-Sponsored Events (7 events, 196 films ca.)

Focus on Asia Archives organized by Fukuoka City Public Library

Dates: September 2-9, 2012
Venue: Fukuoka City Public Library Movie Hall Cine-la

Hejar Handan İpekçi 2001/Turkey/120min.
Women’s Prison Manijieh Hekmat 2002/Iran/106min.
Pomegranates and Myrrh Najwa Najjar 2009/Palestine/99min.
The Japanese Wife Aparna Sen 2010/India/105min.
Dubai Rory B. Quintos 2005/Philippines/110min.
The Way We Are Ann Hui 2007/Hong Kong, China/90min.
Fukuoka Independent Film Festival (160 films)

Dates: September 6-11
Venues: Fukuoka Asian Art Museum Ajibi Hall Organized by FIDFF Committee

● Competition Work
SHINSENGUMI-OKITA Makoto Abe 2011/Japan/56.56min.
The Masque Story, The Origin Yoshimasa Higashi 2011/Japan/3.53min.
Enka Haruo Hayashi 2012/Japan/33min.
Mujun Achi Naoyasu 2012/Japan/6.25min.
Two Poeple Manabu Oda 2012/Japan/13.38min.
Quite Ordinary Masaki Takahashi 2011/Japan/16min.
The Red String of Fate. 藁谷 翔平 2012/Japan/4.49min.
Two out of Tokyo Ken Hirama 2012/Japan/21.57min.
Wind from Tibet N. Rama 2010/Japan/85min.
Aigo!〜My nationality is in Heaven〜 Lee Dalya 2011/Japan/28.05min.
A Whisper of the Planet Sawada Thunder 2012/Japan/72.40min.
The Remains Yasuo Shiraki 2012/Japan/55min.
Requiem of Beast Akira Uchino 2012/Japan/48.30min.
Sumire Mitsuo Kurihara 2012/Japan/115min.
Vengeance Mio Taniguchi 2011/Japan/31.41min.
Sugar Baby Hiroki Kumamoto 2011/Japan/52min.
Wanna Make you laugh Eiichi Imamura 2011/Japan/20min.
Friend Chika Ishii 2011/Japan/10min.
Give Me Your Life Daichi Omata 2011/Japan/20min.
Udon-Knight Teuchion Takayuki Hamano 2012/Japan/19.30min.
Kita Yachimata Zombie Yuusuke Toriumi 2012/Japan/15min.
Love Once Again Shigeru Iwabuchi 2010/Japan/62min.
One Way Yusaku Fushimi 2011/Japan/3.27min.
A Taste of Kiss Ippei Nishihara 2011/Japan/118min.
Jishuseisakueiga ga Dekirumade Yuji Baba 2012/Japan/20.58min.
Ikudo Keisuke Johnny Nakao 2012/Japan/82min.
Imamura Store Aya Tsugehata 2011/Japan/5.16min.
The Sakuramoto Broom Workshop Aya Tsugehara 2012/Japan/9.16min.
So Long Everyone Masatomo Kamiya 2012/Japan/62min.
→Toshiroh Shohei Yamahata 2012/Japan/20min.
Skater Boy Masahiro Iwamatsu 2012/Japan/20.49min.
Baton Touch Rantaro 2012/Japan/8.52min.
Game of Undead Masatoshi Tamai 2012/Japan/42.02min.
Guardian Fighter II Masatoshi Tamai 2012/Japan/4.46min.
Calling Ryutaro Nakagawa 2011/Japan/50min.
It’s Beautiful Out There, I Know it Ryutaro Nakagawa 2011/Japan/82min.
Sapphire in MIYAWAKA Ayahiko 2012/Japan/14.02min.
Nemesis Yohei Kobayashi 2011/Japan/33.30min.
Shady Ryohei Watanabe 2012/Japan/94min.
Hajimarinoshima Sayaka Goto 2012/Japan/68min.
Sunday Takushi Nishinaka 2012/Japan/6.52min.
A Kappa’s Cry Tsubasa Tomori 2012/Japan/16.27min.
The Life of Duality Nozomu Yoshomura 2011/Japan/5min.
Chouheirei Satoi Nakamura 2011/Japan/12.50min.
Snow Thaw Hiroe Kikuchi 2012/Japan/27.56min.
GAS Issei Matsukawa 2012/Japan/51min.
IKIGAMI – the God Who Saves from Death- Seiya Tomari 2011/Japan/86min.
Meisou Yuki Nakamura 2012/Japan/2.46min.
Fushiginatabi Tomoyuki Okayasu 2011/Japan/49min.
Heart Beat Naoya Asanuma 2011/Japan/112min.
Euphoria Ayako Yamamoto 2011/Japan/39min.
Sound of Heart Sen-ichi Tamura 2011/Japan/53.34min.
It Is There and …. Norikazu Oda 2012/Japan/20min.
The Sky of an Island is Still Blue Norikazu Oda 2012/Japan/30min.
Charon of Snow River Ryo Sugiyama 2012/Japan/14.01min.
DiLemma Keita Niwa 2012/Japan/33min.
Picnic Nobuyuki Yoshikawa 2012/Japan/59.57min.
Bubbles Hayato Kano 2012/Japan/20.29min.
session_003 Masanao Tsubone 2012/Japan/5min.
Isho Yuji Mitsuhashi 2012/Japan/8min.
Jellyfish Yuji Mitsuhashi 2012/Japan/24.40min.
Gimlet Shoji Taniguchi 2012/Japan/4.35min.
250 Hiroshi Moriguchi 2012/Japan/58min.
My Strange Strait Hiroto Tashima 2011/Japan/52.20min.
Marginal Toshiharu Sasai 2012/Japan/55.3min.
Self-Defense Saki Ino 2010/Japan/16.05min.
Riding on the No. 777 Hiroki Inoue 2012/Japan/15.20min.
From The Darkness Yusuke Hatai 2011/Japan/23.40min.
Olive Kei Yamaki, Naoya Wada 2012/Japan/4.55min.
Two Thieves Shuichi Nakamura 2012/Japan/5.24min.
Laica*Spica Kento Simizu 2011/Japan/23.42min.
Crime, Punishment and Freedom Shin Saito 2011/Japan/19.56min.
The Forest Ikumi Aihara 2010/Japan/5min.
Summuer Overflowing Image Kazuya Imai 2012/Japan/30min.
The Pervert Amane Sato 2011/Japan/13.27min.
Hate of Yesterday Makoto Yamaguchi 2012/Japan/16min.
Soranoshiro Koki Sato 2011/Japan/38min.
Audio Erotica Kimi Yawata 2011/Japan/36min.
The Explorer of Cats Hikaru Tsukuda 2008/Japan/6.17min.
Reboot Takayuki Miura 2011/Japan/17.25min.
Kasoujiken Norihisa Fukuda 2012/Japan/89.51min.
Cannibal Maid and Killer Nurse Naoya Tashiro 2011/Japan/20min.
The Battle of Peliliu Yoshiya Mera 2011/Japan/60.57min.
The Serenity Prayer Masakazu Sugita 2011/Japan/24.50min.
Three Days in Kamakura Alec McAulay 2012/Japan/20.10min.
Honenookku Shimpei Yamasaki 2012/Japan/45.30min.
● Invitation Work – Korea
Beautiful Miss Jin Kim Hee Chul 2011/Korea/98min.
Grandma Kim Ji Gon 2011/Korea/53min.
Kids On Board Cha Young Seok  2011/Korea/26.50min.
Time Traveler Woo Min Byung 2012/Korea/10.15min.
Cross Out Kyung Sung University 2012/Korea/7.26min.
パステル Dong Seo University 2012/Korea/10min.
こだま Dong Eui University 2012/Korea/9.28min.
ミドリ町 Busan University 2012/Korea/10.18min.
4min.の4拍子 Yang San University 2012/Korea/9.58min.
● Invitation Work – Japan
Encounters Takashi Iitsuka 2011/Japan/20min.
Crack Satoshi Arai 2011/Japan/19min.
Unjolly Junko Yuichiro Taniguchi 2010/Japan/24.01min.
The Crazy Stunt Rhapsody Masatoshi Tamai 2011/Japan/43min.
Sakura Sakura… Makoto Yamaguchi 2009/Japan/67min.
After All These Year Lim Kah Wai 2009/Japan/98min.
Holy Island Aya Hanabusa 2009/Japan/105min.
Tales from the Cottage Takafumi Tachibana 2012/Japan/70min.
JAM Mirai Mizue 2009/Japan/2.5min.
春のしくみ Atsushi Wada 2010/Japan/4.2min.
PiKA PiKA 2007 TOCHKA 2007/Japan/5min.
指を盗んだ女 銀木沙織 2010/Japan/4.15min.
アニマルダンス 大川原亮 2009/Japan/5.1min.
葬儀屋と犬 橋本新 2010/Japan/ 3.54min.
ゆきちゃん Kei Oyama 2008/Japan/5min.
AND AND Mirai Mizue 2011/Japan/6.5min.
わからないブタ Atsushi Wada 2010/Japan/10.10min.
Steps TOCHKA 2010/Japan/2min.
Monotonous Purgatory 銀木沙織 2012/Japan/6min.
空の卵 大川原亮 2012/Japan/10.3min.
ベルーガ 橋本新 2011/Japan/5.3min.
HAND SOAP Kei Oyama 2008/Japan/16min.
MODERN No.2 Mirai Mizue 2011/Japan/4.05min.
グレートラビット Atsushi Wada 2012/Japan/7.1min.
ウェブムービー おしい!広島県the movie Kan Eguchi 2012/Japan
TVCM キリンビール 世界一の九州をつくろう Kan Eguchi 2012/Japan
TVCM ハウスメイト 春部屋キャンペーン Kan Eguchi 2011/Japan
TVCM スニッカーズ サッカー編 Kan Eguchi 2011/Japan
TVCM グリコ ジャイアントカプリコ 大人もうまいぞ! Kan Eguchi 2011/Japan
TVCM コア21 江頭店長物語 Kan Eguchi 2012/Japan
TVCM テイクアンドギブニーズ Kan Eguchi 2011/Japan
TVCM 相模ゴム LOVE DISTANCE Kan Eguchi 2008/Japan
TVCM 福岡パルコ バルコみんなの宣伝部 Kan Eguchi 2010/Japan
TVCM パルコ 冬フェス Kan Eguchi 2010/Japan
TVCM フンドーキン醤油 時の旅人編 Kan Eguchi 2007/Japan
TVCM かわりみ千兵衛 Motohiro Shirakawa 2011/Japan
ゲームオープニングムービー 実況パワフルプロ野球2012 Motohiro Shirakawa 2012/Japan
イベント用ムービー 赤塚不二夫展エントランスムービー Motohiro Shirakawa 2009/Japan
ショートアニメ ぴったんこ ! Motohiro Shirakawa 2008/Japan
ショートアニメ Mr.shape#1 Motohiro Shirakawa 2009/Japan
ショートアニメ Mr.shape#2 Motohiro Shirakawa 2009/Japan
ショートアニメ Mr.shape#3 Motohiro Shirakawa 2009/Japan
携帯ドラマ つぶやき三四郎(計7本) Kan Eguchi 2010/Japan
Que voz feio (醜い声) 山本 良浩(© 山本 良浩) 7.43min.
(making and digest)
大八木 翼/馬場 鑑平/野添 剛士/John POWELL 7min.
新房 昭之 (監督) 1.30min.
The Saddest Day of My Youth Brian ALFRED 2.10min.
べろべろ 田中秀幸 6.10min.
マイブリッジの糸 山村 浩二 12.39min.
Folksongs & Ballads Mathieu VERNERIE/Pauline DEFACHELLES/Rémy PAUL 7.53min.
HIMATSUBUSHI (ダイジェスト) 植木 秀治 5min.
Hietsuki Bushi Omodaka 3.59min.
やさしいマーチ 植草 航 4.48min.
Rabenjunge Andrea DEPPERT  9.40min.
rain town 石田 佑康) 9.55min.
ballet rotoscope 佐藤 雅彦 + EUPHRATES 3.12min.
BIND DRIVE 佐藤 雅晴 4.50min.
古川 裕也 3min.
pair* Factory MIX PV 小林 浩康/松井 祐亮/宮城 健/鈴木 貴志/福澤 瞳 (KDB) 3.28min.
森の木琴 原野 守弘/西田 淳/菱川 勢一/松尾 謙二郎/津田 三朗/大磯 俊文 3.04min.
RADWIMPS DADA 清水 康彦 3.48min.
many go round 中西 義久 6min.
BONNIE 岡本 将徳 2.27min.
Garden 鈴木 隼吾 3.07min.
MODERN No.2 水江 未来 4.15min.
Japaese Film Masterpieces
Organizer: Fukuoka City Public Library

Dates: September 12-29
Venue: Fukuoka City Public Libarary Movie Hall Cine-la

Tsuma Yo Bara No Yoni Mikio Naruse 1935/Japan/74min.
Kakita Akanishi Mansaku Itami 1936/Japan/77min.
Muhomatsu No Issho Hiroshi Inagaki 1943/Japan/79min.
Momotaro Umi No Shinpei Mitsuyo Seo 1944/Japan/74min.
Meoto Zenzai Shiro Toyoda 1955/Japan/120min.
Hiko Shojo Kirio Urayama 1963/Japan/114min.
Soshun Yasujiro Ozu 1956/Japan/144min.
Seishun Zankoku Monogatari Nagisa Oshima 1960/Japan/96min.
Nihon Jokyoden Kyokaku Geisha Kosaku Yamashita 1969/Japan/99min.
Narayama Bushiko Shohei Imamura 1983/Japan/130min.
Kazoku Game Yoshimitsu Morita 1983/Japan/106min.
Saraba Itoshiki Daichi Mitsuo Yanagimachi 1983/Japan/134min.
Tabi No Tochude-Farda- Setsuo Nakayama 2002/Japan/106min.
Special Screening for Junior High School Students

Organizedby Nishi-Nippon Kokusai Zaidan, The Nishi-Nippon City Bank

Date: September 13&14
Venue: T-Joy Hakata Theater No. 9

Little Comedian Vithaya Thongyuyong,
Meth Tharatorn
Taiwan Film Festival 2012 organized by Taiwan Film Festival Committee (6 films)

Dates: September 13-18
Venue: Fukuoka Asian Art Museum Ajibi Hall

Monga Doze Niu 2010/Taiwan/141min.
Millennium Mambo Hou Hsiao Hsien 2001/Taiwan, France/105min.
Love You Ten Thousand Years Toyoharu Kitamura 2010/Taiwan/108min.
Sunshine After Storm Chen Wen Pin 2012/Taiwan/52min.
Seven Days in Heaven Wang Yu-lin, Essay Liu 2009/Taiwan/92min.
Cape No.7 Wei Te-Sheng 2008/Taiwan/130min.
East Asia Film Festival 2012 organized by Asia no Kokoro Jikkoiinkai    (8 films)

Dates: September 20-25
Venue: Fukuoka Asian Art Museum Ajibi Hall

My Girlhood Zhao Huili, Feng Zehn zhi 2011/China/102min.
The White-Haired Girl Wang Bin, Shui Hua 1950/China/104min.
Lost in Beijing Li Yu 2007/China/109min.
Five Golden Flowers Wang Jiayu 1959/China/95min.
Come Closer Kim Jongk-kwan 2010/Korea/104min.
Villain & Widow Son Jae-gon 2010/Korea/115min.
Funny Neighbors Yang Young-chul 2011/Korea/97min.
Romantic Heaven Jang Jin 2011/Korea/117min.
Presentation of Japanese Subtitles Production by the Students of Fukuoka University
(Department of East Asian Studies, Faculty of Humanities of Fukuoka University)

Date: September 29
Venue: El Gala Hall 7F

我們村裡的年軽人 蘇里 1959/China
Sonagi (The Shower) Ko Young Nam 1978/Korea

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