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2013 (23rd)

2013Click on image to open festival catalogue pdf file. The Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival, which renamed itself the Focus on Asia International Film Festival Fukuoka, held its annual film festival for 11 days from September 14(Sat.)-23(Mon.) at its venues, Canal City Hakata, United Cinemas Canal City 13 and the Canal City Theater. Inviting 75 guests from 15 countries and regions, 51 titles from 23 countries and regions were shown for the main film festival program. When including co-sponsored cinematic exhibitions, a total of 274 titles from 25 countries and regions were shown. The Film Festival attracted a total audience of 33,821 (Main Programs: 25,693 and Co-Sponsored Events: 8,128).

Our tickets were sold as follows
  in advance at the door
Single tickets 1000 yen 1200 yen
Pack of 5 tickets 4000 yen 5000 yen
Pass good for all shows 10000 yen 12000 yen
Students 500 yen

Events Organized by the Festival

Demae Eigasai -A Film Festival Comes to Your Neighborhood

“Demai Eigasai”, a screening event held prior to the actual holding of the Festival, exhibited the Pakistani film, “Speak Up”. The exhibition was held at the Fukuoka City Gender Equality Center AMIKAS in Fukuoka on August 24 ( Sat.).

Focus on Asia Pre-Festival Event: Special Screening of “Deepa Metha’s Element Trilogy

On August 25 (Sun.), the Festival put on its pre-festival event where it showed Deepa Metha’s Element Trilogy -“Fire”, “Earth” and “Water” (India/Canada) at the Fukuoka City Public Library Movie Hall Ciné-là.

Exhibition: “TECHNE: The Visual Workshop

An exhibition was held in cooperation with “TECHNE, The Visual Workshop”, a
television program produced by NHK-TV introducing various visual techniques.
The Exhibition, held at Canal City Hakata’s B1 Business Center Building, ran from August 31(Sat.) through September 29 (Sun.).

Opening Ceremony/
Hong Kong Night, Opening Ceremony and Hong Kong +Kyushu Content Seminar

Held at Canal City Hakata (United Cinemas Canal City 13/Sun Plaza Stage/Grand Hyatt) on September 13 (Fri.).

This year our red carpet event was held on a special stage set on the water of Canal City Hakata. Following the red carpet, the Opening Ceremony welcomed glamorous guest filmmakers and performers from Asia including film director Masahiro Shinoda who was invited for our special feature “1Q64”, and special guest, Mr. Osugi.

With special cooperation from the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Tokyo), our Opening Screening and Opening Reception were held under the name of “Hong Kong Night”. Additionally, the special seminar “A Partner Towards Internationalization: Hong Kong/Hong Kong + Kyushu Content Seminar” organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, was held. The event had the participation of Mr. Shindo, Chairman of the Festival Executive Committee.

Special Feature 1 – The Focus on Asia Great Film Directors Series: Lee Chang-Dong

In this series, we have placed our focus on film directors who now enjoy world acclaim after their works were introduced into Japan through our film festival. This year, our Great Film Director Series put the spotlight on Lee Chan-Dong, the celebrated figure in Korean cinema and recipient of the Cannes Film Festival Best Screenplay Award and the Venice Film Festival Special Director’s Award.

Special Feature 2 – 1Q64 ~The Past is Always New and Fresh~

The holding of the Tokyo Olympiad and the opening of the Tokaido Bullet Train line… This was Japan in 1964, in the midst of its era of high economic growth. For the Japanese, regulations on traveling overseas were eased subject to restrictions and the country joined the Organization for Economics Cooperation and Development. It was a period when people believed in tomorrow and the future was shining bright. Everything created then had an allure of novelty. To recreate this aura, we put together 7 classic Japanese films from the year of wonder, 1964.

A special talk event was held, featuring guest speaker Masahiro Shinoda, the maestro filmmaker who represented the era.

Special Screenings
Enjoy Asian Movies!

This was a program, which focused on introducing a variety of enjoyable films from Asia. “Ripples of Desire” and “Suikoden- All Me Are Brothers” were exhibited.

The 7th FIRST International Film Festival Xining Award Winning Film Exhibition

Witness”, a film, which received the Special Jury Award from the biggest independent film festival in China, was exhibited. The Department of East Asian Studies, Faculty of Humanities of Fukuoka University, produced the Japanese subtitles to the film.

The Fukuoka Prize Special Screening and Symposium

Held at United Cinemas Canal City 13 on September 16 (Mon.)
Commemorative Symposium: “Reading the Future of Cinema from the New Tide of Asian Films” and the film screening of “Mekong Hotel”

The symposium invited film director Apichatpong Weerasethakul, recipient of the Fukuoka Prize-Arts & Culture Prize, along with Indonesian film director, Mr. Riri Riza, and Indonesian film producer, Ms. Mira Lesmana. Yasuhiro Hariki, our Festival Director, moderated the Symposium.

Japanese New Films Premiere

Two Japanese new films, “Oshin” (directed by Shin Togashi) and “King of Apology” (directed by Nobuo Mizuta) were shown as part of the festival program before their theatrical release. A special screening, guest appearance and talk event was held with the following guest appearances:

Film director Shin Togashi from “Oshin
Film director Nobuo Mizuta and actors Sadawo Abe and Yoshiyoshi Arakawa from “King of Apology”.

Fukuoka Audience Award Presentation Ceremony & Special Screening

Held at Canal City Theater on September 18 (Wed.)

This year, the Hong Kong film “The Way We Dance” won the Fukuoka Audience Award.
After the Award Presentation Ceremony, “You, Too, Can Make Good” (Japan/1964) was shown as part of our feature program “1Q64”.

Barrier-Free Screening

Held at Canal City Theater on September 19 (Thu.)
Screened Films: “It’s A Great, Great World” (Singapore/Director: Kelvin Tong)
“Key of Life” (Japan/Director: Kenji Uchida)

To provide the visually and hearing-impaired with an opportunity to enjoy movies, the Festival co-organized special screenings with supplementary sound and subtitles with volunteer groups.

Very Very Short Films

To provide an opportunity for young filmmakers to present their works at a film festival, one very short film was shown before each feature length film. The line-up included 5 films by up and coming young visual creators recommended by Asian film directors who have previously participated in our film festival and 13 films selected at the “Fukuoka One Minute Film Competition”.

Fukuoka One Minute Film Competition

Held at United Cinemas Canal City 13 on September 22 (Sun.)

Putting out calls for short movies in an attempt to discover new charms of Fukuoka City, The Fukuoka Film Commission implemented the “Fukuoka One Minute Film Competition 2013” as an outlet for visual creators with the aim of city-branding Fukuoka as “Creative city Fukuoka, a vibrant city with a wealth of young human resources”. Mr. Yasuhiro Hariki, our Festival Director served as the head of the jury for the open film competition. The jurors consisted of the following:.

Jury :
Gakuryu Ishii, Film director
Yukari Oshima(Cynthia Luster), Actress
Yasuhiro Hariki, Festival Director
Best Pictures :
Hassyou no chi, Fukuoka!” (by Masatoshi Tamai/90 sec.)
Fukuoka Sannin Gurashi” (by Sosuke Kurokawa/73 sec.)
Hakata Teippon ni Yarinaoshi Wa Nai” (Tsubasa Furuno/90 sec.)
Special Jury Prize :
fukuoka night” (by Misako Takahashi/90 sec.)
The Night of the Ad Eaters -Asia Focus Special Edition-

Held at Canal City Theater on September 23 (Mon.)

An event where great TV commercials could be enjoyed from throughout the world joined the Festival. An Asian section was added to the regular program especially for the Festival.

Sponsored Programs

6 Sponsored programs took place this year including the Fukuoka Independent Film Festival.

Official Selection -51 films from 23 countries and regions

Official Invitation – New and Much Talked About Films from Asia    22films
Night of Silence Lal Gece 2012/Turkey/91min.
Rhino Season Fasle Kargardanha 2012/Iraq,Turkey/91min.
Parviz Parviz 2012/Iran/107min.
The Patience Stone Syngué Sabour – Pierre de Patience 2012/France,Afghanistan/123min.
Gaamer Гамер 2011/Ukraine/92min.
Gangs of Wasseypur Gangs of Wasseypur 2012/India/160/160min.
Valley of Saints Valley of Saints 2012/India/USA/82min.
Shanghai Shanghai 2012/India/110min.
Pee Mak Pee Mak 2013/Thailand/113min.
That Girl in Pinafore 我的朋友,我的同學,
Already Famous 一泡而紅 2011/Singapore/113min.
The Dancer Sang Penari 2010/Indonesia/France/112min.
Something in the Way Something in the Way 2013/Indonesia/112min.
Atambua 39°Celsius Atambua 39°Celsius 2012/Indonesia/90min.
Shackled Posas 2012/Philippines/92min.
A Fallible Girl A Fallible Girl 2012/UK/China/104min.
The Way We Dance 狂舞派 2013/Hong Kong/110min.
Together 甜˙祕密 2012/Taiwan/114min.
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? 明天記得愛上我 2012/Taiwan/104min.
Man on the Edge 박수건달 2012/Korea/127min.
Juvenile Offender 범죄소년 2012/Korea/107min.
Number 10 Blues/Goodbye, Saigon ナンバーテン・ブルース/さらばサイゴン 2012/Japan/Vietnam/99min.
Special Feature 1 – The Focus on Asia Great Film Director Series: Lee Chan-Dong  5 films
Green Fish 초록 물고기 1997/Korea/105min.
Peppermint Candy 박하사탕 1999/Korea/129min.
Oasis 오아시스 2002/Korea/132min.
Secret Sunshine 밀양 2007/Korea/142min.
Poetry 2010/Korea/139min.
Special Feature 2 – 1Q64 The Past is Always New and Fresh 7 films
Assassination/The Assassin 暗殺 1964/Japan/103min.
Pale Flower 乾いた花 1964/Japan/96min.
You, Too, Can Make Good 君も出世ができる 1964/Japan/100min.
Oh! My Bomb! ああ爆弾 1964/Japan/95min.
Escape from Japan 日本脱出 1964/Japan/95min.
Only On Mondays 月曜日のユカ 1964/Japan/93min.
Tokyo Olympiad 東京オリンピック 1965/Japan/170min.
Pre-Festival Event – Special Screening of Deepa Mehta’s Element Trilogy 3 films
Fire Fire 1996/India,Canada/108min.
Earth Earth 1998/India,Canada/108min.
Water Water 2005/India,Canada/117min.
Demae-Eigasai, A Film Festival Comes to Your Neighborhood  1 film
Speak Up Bol 2011/Pakistan/152min.
The Fukuoka Prize Special Screening Films by Apichatpong Weerasethakul  4 films
Mysterious Object at Noon  Dokfa nai meuman 2006/Thailand/83min.
The Anthem The Anthem 2006/Thailand/5min.
Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives Loong Boonmee raleuk chat 2012/UK,Thailand,Germany,
Mekong Hotel Mekong Hotel 2012/Thailand,UK,France/57min.
Hong Kong Movies  3 films (”The Way We Dance” is already listed above.)
The Way We Dance 狂舞派 2013/Hong Kong/110min.
Life Without Principle 奪命金 2011/Hong Kong/107min.
A Simple Life 桃姐 2011/China,Hong Kong/119min.
Barrier-Free Screening  2 films
It’s A Great, Great World 大世界 2011/Singapore/91min.
KEY OF LIFE 鍵泥棒のメソッド 2012/Japan/128min.
Enjoy Asian Movies! 2 films
 Ripples of Desire 花漾 2012/Taiwan/122min.
All Men Are Brothers
劇場版 水滸伝 2012/China/100min.
Japanese New Films Premiere 2 films
The Apology King 謝罪の王様 2013/Japan/109min.
Oshin おしん 2013/Japan/128min.
The 7th FIRST International Film Festival Xining Award Winning Film Exhibition  1film
Witness 目击者 2012/China/94min.

Sponsored Programs (6 programs/224 films)

Fukuoka Independent Film Festival 2013 194 films
August 30-September 1/September 5-September 10
Ajibi-Hall, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum/Nakasu Taiyo Gekijo Movie Theater
● Competition Section
ラストムービー Kyoichi Furumoto 2012/Japan/34min.
青い揺らぎ Eiichi Takahaxhi 2013/Japan/86.27min.
サイケファミリア Akio Hiramatsu 2012/Japan/26.30min.
すくいの手 Taro Miyaoka 2012/Japan/30min.
三歩、さがって Masanori Takahashi 2012/Japan/18.10min.
月下の波 新良貴 泰夫 2013/Japan/27min.
かみさまのはらわた 小谷野萌 2013/Japan/5.02min.
R 羽賀慎一郎 2013/Japan/60.0min.
屋根の無い男 樋高 大悟 2013/Japan/15.25min.
Moment 山本尚志 2012/Japan/12.50min.
始まりの試験 渋谷悠 2012/Japan/9.27min.
嘲笑の空 奥本 元 2012/Japan/73min.
約束の時 米本樹 2012/Japan/45min.
生贄な彼女 田村隆匡 2013/Japan/28min.
マリイの夜 堀 夏子 2012/Japan/25min.
Viral(ヴァイラル) 上田 浩之 2012/Japan/41.47min.
サイクロイド 黒木智輝 2013/Japan/3.25min.
one morning 田中浩美 2013/Japan/6.31min.
王曄 2012/Japan/30min.
八浪二郎 小野篤史 2013/Japan/27.08min.
日登美 佐藤 圭 2013/Japan/56min.
月夜のチョメチョメ 西田啓太 2013/Japan/5.58min.
ところどころ春冬 地主 麻衣子 2012/Japan/76.41min.
恋愛 DEATH 鍋山 和弥 2013/Japan/4.11min.
HINODE 新山哲河 2012/Japan/3min.
ひだまりのこどもたち 原田 真嗣 2013/Japan/66.51min.
いちごの味 桜井政幸 2013/Japan/30min.
撮れない監督 渡川修一 2012/Japan/25min.
サイバーコンタクト 梅田夏樹 2013/Japan/10.42min.
おっさんスケボー 新井健市 2012/Japan/4.20min.
キメラガールアンセム ワタナベカズキ 2013/Japan/30min.
愛し夜明け(いとしよあけ) 小林勇太 2013/Japan/20min.
タカハマ物語 石丸 みどり 2012/Japan/104min.
ワールド・ワールド・ワールド 山田佳奈 2013/Japan/19.58min.
魂 誘導、 80000 ヘルツ!
Koike0123 2012/Japan/4.00min.
奥さまと花屋、下着泥棒とユーレイ 清水孝之 2012/Japan/8min.
彼女が携帯を替えた理由 松岡禎人 2013/Japan/50min.
DREAM PHOTO 藏原潔司 2010/Japan/2min.
太陽の石 藏原潔司 2008/Japan/13min.
白黒ギツネと光の洞窟 藏原潔司 2012/Japan/15min.
人を観るよろこび 貝本敏弥 2010/Japan/41.15min.
月曜のすみっこ 貝本敏弥 2012/Japan/29min.
NYANCO 佃 光 2012/Japan/3.11min.
さいころの味 佃 光 2012/Japan/7.34min.
豪也少年と妖精の森 比嘉賢多 2013/Japan/51min.
GALAPAGOS 李達也 2013/Japan/20min.
ネクロポリス Kenjo McCurtain 2013/Japan/7.31min.
ロールキャベーヂの嘘 中川信雄 2013/Japan/30min.
母が見た風景 岩松道朗 2012/Japan/57.56min.
「もしもし、詐欺ですけど」 後藤庸介 2013/Japan/14.55min.
陽が昇る前に 神谷正智・正倫 2013/Japan/74min.
家族の風景に 佐近圭太郎 2012/Japan/37.49min.
白色背景 矢野瑛彦 2013/Japan/76.35min.
鈴木マン 小尾信生 2013/Japan/18.53min.
花びらと指輪 中里洋一 2012/Japan/22.50min.
さすらいのジャンゴ 並河信也 2013/Japan/41min.
ジムショ 蛯原やすゆき 2013/Japan/30.30min.
HEAVEN 岸本景子 2012/Japan/
smoke コーディー・フワ 2012/Japan/
エメラルドヒルズ 竹下球道 2012/Japan/
高飛車女とモテない君 今野雅夫 2013/Japan/
COIN LAUNDRY 藤井悠輔 2012/Japan/
いつもどおりに 朴 正一 2013/Japan/
PRAY -Sounds of Heavy Snowfall- 麻戸佑一 2013/Japan/
ゴールデンフィッシュ 井戸章裕 2012/Japan/
智代のリアリティ 吉田嬢二 2012/Japan/
月を駆ける 金子怜史 2012/Japan/
Qt 鈴木佑辰 & 上田達郎 2013/Japan/
溺れるボレロ 奥田裕介 2012/Japan/
どろどろぼう 三ツ橋勇二 2013/Japan/
usual colors 冨澤十万喜 2012/Japan/
GHOSTEL 吉村望 2012/Japan/
山に登ろう! 木場明義 2013/Japan/
雅 MIYABI 麻戸佑一 2013/Japan/
ゆびわのひみつ 谷口雄一郎 2012/Japan/
ひかり、吹きすさんで 青木紀親 2012/Japan/
スルー・ロマンス 中村公彦 2013/Japan/
もうひとりのルームメイト 中村公彦 2012/Japan/
トッポギ 飯田将茂 2013/Japan/
ホワイツ 松川一世 2013/Japan/
思惑 川邊崇広 2012/Japan/52min.
冬の真桑瓜 森下鳰子 2012/Japan/24min.
YAKUZA 小林遥平 2012/Japan/17min.
between 山木 圭 2013/Japan/5.55min.
次は男だ! いよく直人 2013/Japan/14.18min.
どっち? いよく直人 2013/Japan/10min.
YAJIN いよく直人 2011/Japan/22.01min.
裸の修道女 田代尚也 2012/Japan/18.05min.
ひと夏の夢、いつかまた ― 北得紘樹 2012/Japan/76min.
ぼくたちはここにいる 小田憲和 2012/Japan/60min.
ゴーストハンター無量光路國義1 須藤義人 2013/Japan/26.33min.
ゴーストハンター無量光路國義5 須藤義人 2013/Japan/27.28min.
EGG 屋久島鉄兵衛 2012/Japan/3min.
World´s end Picnic 高崎哲治 2013/Japan/27min.
心臓の弱い男 橘 剛史 2013/Japan/19.58min.
先生、ありがとう 鈴木一作 2012/Japan/113min.
サーカス 田村専一 2012/Japan/35.11min.
姉と妹 田村専一 2013/Japan/3.38min.
あけたことのないとびら 田村専一 2013/Japan/4.41min.
あゆみ 森 麻紀 2013/Japan/39.58min.
砂山 松蔭浩之 2013/Japan/17.21min.
えそらごと 吉﨑 奨 2013/Japan/81min.
OLD RIDER 西田衆士 2012/Japan/36.37min.
スルメ泥棒のいた頃 中村 亨 2012/Japan/73min.
張込み 内野 晃 2012/Japan/26min.
アプーと呼ばれている光 原田 夏美 2013/Japan/39.56min.
望まれない子 岩渕茂 2012/Japan/53min.
青し時雨 飯塚花笑 2013/Japan/91.58min.
見たくないエビフライ みゆあらうみ 2013/Japan/5min.
scratch 永野義弘 2013/Japan/65min.
のぶ子の日記 井上 博貴 2013/Japan/25.10min.
蟻が空を飛ぶ日 野火 明 2010/Japan/120min.
ぬるい紅茶 赤松 桜 2010/Japan/5.51min.
Midnight Call 赤松 桜 2012/Japan/13.27min.
夢の埃 赤松 桜 2013/Japan/7.21min.
TORE 末松暢茂・中嶋淳志 2010/Japan/84min.
Continuation, 古賀原 司 2013/Japan/4.53min.
TOKYO ENDING 管 勇毅 2013/Japan/114min.
リトルピープル 谷口 貴俊 2012/Japan/16.10min.
よりみち、 古川まどか 2013/Japan/20min.
ライウマ 下津 優太 2013/Japan/94.07min.
つたえていこう!美しい日本の心 金子みすゞの詩の朗読 原千波 2013/Japan/22min.
サークルサークル コーイ兄弟 2012/Japan/90min.
藪の中 榎本 耕次 2012/Japan/40.23min.
49 ~sexposition~ 久保真如 2011/Japan/10.03min.
置き傘 中村 周一 2013/Japan/8min.
The Crialact 山田倫大 2013/Japan/52min.
エーデルワイス 野田萌未 2012/Japan/25.16min.
● Invitations from Korea
同行 Kang ji Korea/15min.
ピンポン玉 Lee Jeonghwa Korea/12min.
mother Ahn Myeonghwan Korea/22min.
Oh wook Korea/20min.
平行線 Choi Yunsu Korea/30min.
ダイビング Juhong Korea/14min.
境界人 Son Ilseong Korea/15min.
花夢 Park Haejung Korea/22min.
Hunt Kim Youngjo Korea/86min.
トダリ・リドックス Park Joonbum Korea/104min.
The Illusion Kim Daehwang Korea/107min.
● Invitations from Japan(2012 Grand Prix)
かしこい狗は、吠えずに笑う 渡部亮平 2012/Japan/94min.
SMILE 渡部 亮平 2011/Japan/5min.
今村商店 告畑綾 2011/Japan/5.16min.
仇討ち 谷口未央 2011/Japan/31.41min.
ごくごくふつーのっ! 高橋雅紀 2011/Japan/16min.
マージナル 笹井歳春 2012/日本/55.3min.
あの素晴しい愛をもう一度 岩渕 茂 2010/Japan/62min.
● Invitations from Japan
永野 亮「はじめよう」 新井 風愉 Japan/6.43min.
imitation of life TAKCOM Japan/4.15min.
新しい生物 ユーフラテス 2012/Japan/9.19min.
辻川 幸一郎 Japan/3.37min.
ハイスイノナサ「地下鉄の動態」 大西 景太 Japan/4.22min.
水道橋重工「KURATAS」 倉田 光吾郎/吉崎 航 2011/Japan/3.05min.
Bye Buy Neil BRYYANT UK/2.42min.
On Pause Mikhall Zhelezkikov 2012/Russia/5.43min.
開かれた遊び、忘れる眼 ALIMO Japan/8.39min.
Strata #4 Quayola Japan/1.54min.
BETWEEN YESTERDAY & TOMORROW SOL CHORD(前田 真二郎/岡澤 理奈) Japan/6.00min.
ぼくもくま 合田 経郎 Japan/5.00min.
布団 水尻 自子 Japan/6.02min.
就活狂想曲 吉田
グレートラビット 和田 淳 2012/Japan/7.12min.
夕化粧 胡嫄嫄 China/10.19min.
Oh Willy Emma de SWAEF/
Mark James ROELS
火要鎮 大友
聴こえてる、ふりをしただけ 今泉かおり 2012/Japan/99/ 
やますき やまざき ししやまざき Japan/2min.
コーポにちにち草のくらし 若井麻奈美 Japan/8min.
春のしくみ 和田淳 Japan/4min.
タコスチュームでおどりませんか 姫田真武 Japan/2min.
深山にて 最後の手段 Japan/15min.
MODERN No.2 水江未来 Japan/4min.
663114 平林勇 Japan/7min.
HAPPY BOGGEYS 9-11 クリハラタカシ Japan/4min.
ホリデイ ひらのりょう Japan/15min.
布団 水尻自子 Japan/7min.
BIBLOMANIA 藤田純平 Japan/20min.
Airy Me 久野遥子 Japan/4min.
やますき やまざき ししやまざき Japan/2min.
ENCOUNTERS(予告編) 飯塚貴士 2011/Japan/1.32min.
夕陽のリョウタ火星の黙示録 飯塚貴士 2012/Japan/6.47min.
BLUE IMPULSE 飯塚貴士 2010/Japan/13min.
THERE WILL BE GERMANY1&2 飯塚貴士 2012/Japan/10min.
THEATER OF THE DEAD 飯塚貴士 2013/Japan/3.30min.
SAGA FORCE SEASON 1 飯塚貴士 2013/Japan/8.28min.
飯塚貴士 2013/Japan/21min.
GREAT ROMANCE PROLOGUE(予告編) 飯塚貴士 2013/Japan/1.56min.
『キスナナ the Final』 真田幹也 2013/Japan/15min.
『Life Cycles』 真田幹也 2007/Japan/21min.
「わが青春に悔あり」 真田幹也 2005/Japan/20min.
TEAM ZERO FUKUOKA 飯塚市立幸袋中学校 放送部 Japan/7.30min.
筑豊発-日韓に架ける橋 飯塚市立幸袋中学校 放送部 Japan/10min.
ある精肉店のはなし(仮)予告編 纐纈あや 2013/Japan/18min.
金無英ドキュメンタリープロジェクト 西谷 郁 2013/Japan/10min.
100 Years of Nikkatsu Films Part 2 13 films

September 4 (Wed.)-September 29 (Sun.) Fukuoka City Public Library Movie Hall Cine-la

Cupola No Aru Machi Kirio Urayama 1962/Japan/99min.
Ginza No Koi No Monogatari Koreyoshi Kurahara 1962/Japan/94min.
Nippon Kochuki Shohei Imamura 1963/Japan/123min.
Ai To Shi Wo Buichi Saito 1964/Japan/118min.
Hiko Shojo Kirio Urayama 1963/Japan/114min.
Akai Hankachi Toshio Masuda 1964/Japan/98min.
Nihon Retto Kei Kumai 1965/Japan/116min.
Tokyou Nagaremono Seijun Suzuki 1966/Japan/83min.
Koroshi No Rakuin Seijun Suzuki 1967/Japan/91min.
Hachigatsu No Nureta Suna Toshiya Fujita 1971/Japan/91min.
Rakuyo Ro Tomono 1992/Japan/150min.
Aisuru Kei Kumai 1997/Japan/114min.
Hyasumanyen To Nigamushi Onna Yuki Tanada 2008/Japan/121min.
Taiwan Film Festival 2013 6 films

September 12 (Thu.) – September 17 (Tue.) Fukuoka Asian Art Museum Ajibi Hall

Taipei Exchanges Hsiao Ya-chuan 2010/Taiwan/81min.
The Soul of Bread Kao Pin-chuan
Lin Chun-yang
Love on Credit Leste Chen 2011/Taiwan/90min.
Taiwan Jinsei Mitsuko Sakai 2008/Taiwan/81min.
What Time is it There? Tsai Ming-liang 2001/Taiwan/116min.
What on Earth Have I Done Wrong? Doze Niu 2007/Taiwan/96min.
Special Film Screening Event for Junior High School Students  1 film

September 17 (Tue.) Canal City Theater

Rainbow Troops Riri Riza 2008/Indonesia/124min.
East Asia Film Festival 2013 –   8 films

September 19 (Thu.) – September 24 (Tue.) Fukuoka Asian Art Museum Ajibi Hall

Nightfall Roy Chow 2012/Hong Kong/108min.
The Great Magician Derek Yee 2011/Hong Kong/128min.
Overheard Alan Mak
Felix Chong
2011/Hong Kong/121min.
Painted Skin Gordon Chan 2008/Singapore,China/Hong Kong/103min.
Buddha Mountain Li Yu 2010/China/109min.
Ghost Sweepers Sin Jeong-won 2012/Korea/119min.
The Grand Heist Kim Joo-ho 2012/Korea/121min.
A Simple Life Ann Hui 2011/China,Hong Kong/119min.
The Fifth East Asian Film Subtitling Project by Students of Fukuoka University,

Department of East Asian Studies, Faculty of Humanities of Fukuoka University  2 films

September 21 (Sat.) Elgala Hall 7F Tamokuteki Hall 1

蘇里 (スー・リー)、伊一青 (イン・イーチン) 1963/China/89min.
Spring in the Korean Peninsula Lee Byung-il 1941/Korea/85.

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