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1993 (3rd)

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HELD : 9th – 19th September, 1993
VENUES : Solaria Cinema 1, New Taiyo
1, Tsukushi Kaikan,
Skala Espacio
EXHIBITION OF : 27 films from 14 nations and
ATTENDANCE: Focus on Asia ’93 – FIFF 11,235
The 38th Asian-Pacific Film Festival 4,855
TOTAL 16,090
OPENING FILM: An Unfortunate Fortune(1991/Mongolia)

 From September 7th through the 10th, the 38th Asia-Pacific Film
Festival was held at the same time as our festival. This created
a richer content for our entire festival. The audience enjoyed
more Asian films and had more opportunities in seeing prominent
guests from both Japan and abroad. Guests included such celebrities
as Jackie Chan and Yuko Natori.
Like the Vietnamese films collection during the previous year,
the Mongolian Films Collection during our

 1993 festival received worldwide attention. All six of the exhibited
films were introduced at the International Forum of New Cinema
of the Berlin International Film Festival in February of the
following year. A portion of the collection was also shown in
film festivals in Hawaii and India. The lack of funds and unfamiliarity
with know-how and technology of putting foreign subtitles to
film had prevented most Mongolian films, with a few exceptions
such as Manduhai from being shown in international film festivals.
As a result, these films had been buried within Mongolia.
Oilmaker°s Family from China and The Wedding Banquet from Taiwan
shared the Grand Prix Prize at the Berlin International Film
Festival. These films were both shown in 1993 in Fukuoka where
they took top audience ranking. The actors who played the roles
of father and son in The Wedding Banquet were, naturally, bombarded
with requests for autographs wherever they went.
When thinking of Iranian films, the name Abbas Kiarostami comes
to mind first. Kiarostami established his popularity in Japan
with Where is the Friend°s Home?, which was exhibited during
our 1993 festival. Needless to say, this motion picture also
played a significant role in enticing Fukuoka’s interest towards
Iranian films.

 As for Japanese films, a motion picture by Toru Kawashima from
Fukuoka was introduced. Shinobu Yaguchi, who exploded his energy
in his recent film, Adrenaline Drive, brought his first feature
motion picture to our festival. Both were unique films.
In sponsored events, 16 feature films and short films, including
Work on the Grass and Hiruko presented by young Japanese film
directors, were exhibited at our festival.


and part of the Fukuoka City Public Library Film Archive Collection
Son of Mongolia Dir. I.Trauberg 1936/Mongolia/B & W/89min.
Mirage above the Gobi Desert Dir. R.Dorjpalam 1980/Mongolia/Color/100min.
The Fang Dir. B.Baatar 1991/Mongolia/B & W/90min.
Shackles Dir. N.Uranchime 1991/Mongolia/B & W/75min.
An Unfortunate Fortune Dir. N.Nyamdawaa 1991/Mongolia/Color/67min.
A Saint in a Turbulent Age Dir. Ts.Tserendorj 1992/Mongolia/Color/134min.
Dir. L.Sharavdorj
The Need Dir. Ali-Reza Davudnezhad 1991/Iran/Color/81min.
Creation Dir. T.Hariharan 1992/ndia/Color/147min.
Oilmaker’s Family Dir. Xie Fei 1993/China/Color/103min.
The Wedding Banquet Dir. Ang Lee 1993/Taiwan/Color/102min.
Our Twisted Hero Dir. Park Chong-Won 1992/Korea/Color/119min.
Kae Byok Dir. Im Kwon-Taek 1991/Korea/Color/135min.
Mirag Dir. Toru Kawashima 1992/apan/Color/84min.
Down the Drain Dir. Shinobu Yaguchi 1992/Japan/Color/92min.
Where is the Friend’s Home? Dir. Abbas Kiarostami 1987/Iran/Color/90min.
Shelter Dir. Sivan 1991/India/Color/93min.
My Wonder Year Dir. Somching Srisupap 1993/Thailand/Color/120min.
The Mourner Dir. Kalpana Lajmi 1992/India/Color/120min.
Dragon Inn Dir. Raymond Lee 1992/Hong Kong/Color/96min.
Devil’s Mark Dir. Viet Linh 1992/Vietnam/Color/90min.
Ramadhan and Ramona Dir. Cherul Umam 1992/Indonesia/Color/88min.
Veil of Life Dir. Shuhaimi Baba 1992/Malaysia/Color/105min.
White Badges Dir. Chung Ji-Young 1992/Korea/Color/123min.
No Worries Dir. David Elfick 1993/Australia/Color/92min.
Hill of No Return Dir. Wang Tong 1992/Taiwan/Color/165min.
Absent without Leave Dir. John Laing 1993/New Zealand/Color/99min.
Someday to Return Dir. Koichi Saito 1993/Japan/Color/111min.

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