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2005 (15th)

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HELD : 16th (fri) – 25th (sun) September,
VENUES : Solaria Cinema 1, Nishitetsu
Hall, Elgala Hall,
NTT Yume Tenjin Hall, Fukufuku Hall,
Chuo Ward Civic Center
EXHIBITION OF : 36 films from 15 nations and
ATTENDANCE: Focus on Asia 2005 – FIFF 16,446
Sponsored Events 2,230
Total 18,676
OPENING FILM: A Border for Life (2005/Iran)

 At the junction of the 15th time this year, Middle
Eastern films were featured.
Syrian and Iraqi films were screened for the first time
with a good reputation.
Especially the director Mr. Jano Rosebiani, who came
from Iraq which is
under a new regime after braking down Saddam Hussein
attracted the media
and got a lot of interviews. The forum "Middle
East Cinema" also attracted a
lot of audience. At the forum, Mr. Rosebiani and Ms.
Waha Al-raheb, the
Syrian director made a presentation on the current situation
of the film
production in their countries. Several prize-winning
short films at "1st Iraqi
short film festival" were also screened as reference.
Among the Middle Eastern films, "The Willow Tree
(Iran)", the latest film
of Mr. Majid Majidi after a lapse of 4 years and "So
Close, So Far (Iran)",
one of the most-loved Iranian films in 2005 were especially
noticed. In the
documentary category, Taiwanese masterpiece "Jump!
Boys" was screened
for the first time in Japan and many domestic distributors
got interested in it.
"Echoes from the Miike Mine (Japan)" depicted
the local problem in Fukuoka,
and therefore a lot of local audience came to see it.
Impressive films such as "A Breath (India)",
"Against the Tide (Sri Lanka)" and
"The Gravel Road (Malaysia)" were also screened.
With regard to the guests, Mr. Park Joong-hun met the
expectation of cinema
aficionado as one of Korean top-name stars. Mr. Asahi
Kurizuka, the leading
actor of "Turn Over (Japan)" came to Fukuoka
for three times all the way from
Kyoto, which made the audience very pleased. Mr. Fahad,
a child star from
Bangladesh also achieved the popularity in no time.
Furthermore, the discount service by the festival ticket
at restaurants since last
year was received better along with its expansion this
year. The homepage service
for a mobile phone also began which makes easier to
get the festival information.


and part of the Fukuoka City Public Library Film Archive Collection
Tales of Intransigence Dir. Reis Çelik TURKEY/GERMANY/2004/91min
Dreamy Visions Dir. Waha Alraheb SYRIA/2003/103min
Life Dir. Jano Rosebiani IRAQ KURDISTAN/2002/99min
A Border for Life Dir. Reza Azamian IRAN/2005/78min
Gilaneh Dir. Rakhshan Bani-Etemad, Mohsen Abdolvahab IRAN/2005/84min
So Close, So Far Dir. Reza Mir Karimi IRAN/2005/121min
The Willow Tree Dir. Majid Majidi IRAN/2005/97min
Men’s Dance Dir. Yusup Razikov UZBEKISTAN/2002/75min
Manasarovar Dir. Anup Kurian INDIA/2004/94min
A Breath Dir. Sandeep Sawant INDIA/2003/107min
Against the Tide Dir. Sudath Devapriya SRI LANKA/2003/103min
The Alienation Dir. Morshedul Islam BANGLADESH/2004/91min
The Gravel Road Dir. Deepak Kumaran Menon MALAYSIA/2005/92min
A Time Far Past Dir. Ho Quang Minh VIETNAM/FRANCE/2004/113min
Tumur of Mountain Dir. O. Bat-Ulzii MONGOLIA/2004/107min
Suffocation Dir. Zhang Bingjian CHINA/2004/89min
Two Great Sheep Dir. Liu Hao CHINA/2004/100min
The Story of Zhula Dir. Hasi Chaolu CHINA/2000/91min
Jump! Boys Dir. Lin Yu-Hsien TAIWAN/2004/84min
Cracked Egg & Noodles Dir. Oh Sang-hun KOREA/2005/116min
Mapado Dir. Choo Chang-min KOREA/2005/109min
Two Guys Dir. Park Hun-soo KOREA/2004/111min
Turn Over Dir. Keiichi Nomura JAPAN/2005/111min
Echoes from the Miike Mine Dir. Hiroko Kumagai JAPAN/2005/103min
The Soup, One Morning Dir. Izumi Takahashi JAPAN/2003/90min

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